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In a crowded courtroom,two witnesses in a case entered into a scuffle with an accused in another case,over a seat in the gallery

Sweet revenge

In a crowded courtroom,two witnesses in a case entered into a scuffle with an accused in another case,over a seat in the gallery. The witnesses won and sat comfortably while the accused was left sulking in a corner. The accused had his revenge later when he saw that one of the witnesses kept referring to a chit tucked in between the folds of her clothes,while deposing. He brought it to the attention of the judge who seized the chit. When the judge asked the other witness if he had any such chit,the latter refused. But the accused again directed the attention of the court to the witness’ back pocket. The chit was found and seized. The witnesses and their lawyer were reprimanded. The accused sat smug,enjoying the glares of the witnesses.

Gearing for change

Delhi Police seems to be preparing to welcome the new police chief. Apart from renovation,cleaning drives have begun in various police stations,and SHOs have become more strict with their subordinates. In one of the Crime Branch offices,the inspector in-charge has even put up a message saying: “The department’s phone is to be used only for official purpose. Anyone using the phone for a personal reason would have to submit a valid explanation.”

A logical flaw

A PIL was filed in the Delhi High Court recently,asking for directions to the Election Commission to include photographs of the candidates on the EVMs. During the hearing,a lawyer told the court that voters sometimes get confused when multiple candidates have similar names. The court reminded him that the EVMs contained election symbols,not just names,and dismissed the petition,asking him to submit the suggestion to the Election Commission.

Role model


In a recent review of the preparedness of the five states going to polls later this year,with the respective chief electoral officers,the Election Commission of India (ECI) has not only lauded Delhi’s efforts and preparation,but also made it the role model for the other states. Delhi state election commission’s presentation on their readiness has been circulated by the ECI to other states. Apart from Delhi,Rajasthan,Mizoram,Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh will also go to polls this year.

Invalid argument

Public prosecutors often have to walk the tightrope to ensure that the interests of the state and that of the accused are balanced. Recently,during a hearing on a parole application by a convict who has been in prison for over 10 years,the prosecutor argued that the man should not be allowed to leave jail as he had been a “bad character”. The prosecutor was left without an answer when the judge pointed out that the police updated its list of “bad characters” periodically,so how could a person who has been in jail for 10 years,continue to be on a list of bad characters. The state was forced to change its argument against the parole application.

Rocky problem

With early and more than sufficient rains this season,quantity of water supply within the city has not been an issue. Quality of water,however,is a major cause for concern. Ever since the floods in Uttarakhand,the Delhi Jal Board has been forced to cut its supply through the Ganga intermittently to feed the Sonia Vihar plant,with big boulders making their way to Delhi and blocking water treatment. Officials said the water supply within the city has not suffered as there was sufficient water in the Yamuna,which was being diverted to feed the Sonia Vihar plant.

How many laptops?

The problem of over-admissions in Delhi University has not only caught colleges unawares,but has also left the university administration in a conundrum. Having announced that every student of the four-year undergraduate programme would be given a netbook,the administration seems to be puzzled over the number of netbooks that it should procure. “A tender for getting more than 60,000 laptops has been floated. However,the number of admissions in several colleges is more than double the number of sanctioned seats. With withdrawals and more reserved category seats to be filled,the final figure is yet to emerge,” a university official said.