Delhi govt to auction fancy car numbers

Delhi govt to auction fancy car numbers

Want a fancy registration number for your new car?

Want a fancy registration number for your new car? Be prepared to shell out up Rs 5 lakh and more as the Delhi government on Monday decided it will auction fancy number plates every fortnight.

Registration number 0001 will be the most expensive,with the minimum reserve price fixed at Rs 5 lakh,according to a Transport department proposal the Delhi Cabinet approved on Monday.

Numbers 0002 to 0009 will be the second most expensive,with the auction starting from Rs 3 lakh. The third category will include numbers from 0010 to 0099; 0786,1000,1111,7777 and 999,for which bids will start at Rs 2 lakh.

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said the system of auction will stop corruption in allotment of fancy registration numbers that ails the existing system and also help the state’s welfare activities.

“The amount accumulated through auctions would be transferred to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund for enhancing the sphere of grant during natural calamities and for the needy people facing hardships,” she said.

Car owners looking to spend less can bid for registration numbers 0100,0111,0200,0222,0300,0333 and similar numbers up to 0999; 2000,2222 and similar numbers up to 8000; and 8888,9000,0101,0108,1008 and 1313,for which auction will start from Rs 1 lakh.

“Those who want a specific number,not covered under any of the four fancy number categories,will have to pay Rs 20,000,” a Transport official said.

The scheme will be open to only non-transport,four-wheel vehicles,the official said,and the numbers would be auctioned every fortnight.

“Once the fancy four-digit combinations for a particular series of registration numbers get auctioned,bids for the next series will be invited,” the official said.

The government will have to amend the Delhi Motor Vehicles Rule 1993 to insert a new Rule 34A,which will allow for the auction,the official said.


Supreme Court and High Court judges,Lok Sabha and Delhi Assembly Speaker and Union ministers and Delhi Cabinet ministers among a few others can book fancy numbers for free for up to two vehicles.