Delhi Chief Secretary ‘assault’ case highlights: Heavy police force deployed near house of AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan

Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash has alleged that the incident happened when he was called to discuss the issue of distribution of ration as well as the advertisements for government's three-year anniversary at the CM's residence.

A massive political drama is unfolding in the national capital as Delhi Government and Delhi administration go head to head. (PTI)

In an early morning development that soon spiralled into a major face-off, Delhi government’s top bureaucrat on Tuesday claimed to have been assaulted by two AAP MLAs at Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence. Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash alleged that the incident happened when he was called to discuss the issues of ration distribution and government advertisements late on Monday evening. Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) immediately denied the allegations, terming them as “ludicrous” and accused Prakash of acting at “BJP’s behest”. The party also said the Chief Secretary had used casteist remarks against its MLAs.      

Hours after the Chief Secretary’s allegations became public, AAP MLAs Ashish Khetan and Imran Hussain were allegedly assaulted inside Delhi Secretariat. The identity of the attackers is not certain, though it is said they were secretariat staff. Meanwhile, Home Minister Rajnath Singh has taken cognizance of the matter, after meeting with Chief Secretary Prakash, and sought a report from the Delhi Lieutenant Governor.


Who is Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash?

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  1. 1:02AM
    21 Feb, 18
    AAP councillor P Chauhan asks why Prakash Jarwal was held in a huff

    AAP councillor P Chauhan asked what was the hurry in detaining Prakash Jarwal at night. "He (Prakash Jarwal) went to police station in noon and discussed things in detail. What was the need of detaining him in a hurry in night? We also lodged complaint against chief secretary, but he wasn't arrested. We were ready to surrender, they could've waited," Chauhan said.

  2. 12:52AM
    21 Feb, 18
    Heavy police force deployed near residence of AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan

    Heavy police force deployed near the residence of AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan in Okhla. He has been named in the FIR lodged in connection with alleged assault of Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash.

    Police stand guard outside residence of AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan. (Source: ANI)

  3. 11:58PM
    20 Feb, 18
    AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj questions arrest of Prakash Jarwal

    Questioning the detention of fellow MLA Prakash Jarwal, AAP's Saurabh Bhardwaj asked why IAS officers who manhandled two ministers in the Delhi Secretariat were not arrested. "Delhi Police arrested elected MLA without any evidence. What about arrest of IAS Officers who can be seen beating minister in Secretariat? There is FIR by minister as well as video evidence, but no arrests," Bhardwaj tweeted.

  4. 11:33PM
    20 Feb, 18
    AAP MLA Prakash Jarwal detained by Delhi Police

    AAP MLA Prakash Jarwal detained by Delhi Police. Jarwal had accused Delhi chief secretary of making casteist slurs. The MLA was picked up after he filed a complaint against chief secretary Anshu Prakash. Delhi Police detained AAP MLA Prakash Jarwal from his residence in Ambedkar Nagar area and took him to Civil Lines police station for questioning

  5. 11:06PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri condemns assault on Prakash

    Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri condemned the alleged assault on Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash. "I have been a civil servant for over 40 years and I have never seen such a behaviour (with an IAS officer). I am speaking at a personal level...This type of behaviour should be condemned in the strongest terms," the Housing and Urban Affairs minister said.

  6. 9:52PM
    20 Feb, 18
    IAS association to boycott Delhi Govt

    All three associations- IAS, DANICS and DASS members have decided not to attend any meeting called by Delhi Govt till apology is tendered from CM Kejriwal and action is taken against the MLAs involved. However, they will maintain written communications with Aam Aadmi Party ministers to ensure there was no disruption in public service delivery.

  7. 9:51PM
    20 Feb, 18
    AAP alleges BJP hand

    AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh says that when BJP failed to destabilise the Delhi government with all tactics and failed, they have now put officers on the forefront for that

  8. 9:22PM
    20 Feb, 18
    IAS association up in arms

    IAS Association on Tuesday held a candlelight march in Delhi showing solidarity with Chief Secretary Ankush Prakash, who was allegedly assaulted last night in an emergency meeting with the Delhi CM. 

  9. 9:03PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Amantullah Khan denies charges levelled by Chief Secretary

    Objective is to deliver the proper food supply to the poor citizen of Delhi, Chief Secretary's behaviour was ruthless, irresponsible and sarcastic & politically

  10. 9:01PM
    20 Feb, 18
    No govt in Delhi:m Kapil Mishra

    No government in Delhi to look after the problems of power, water supply and other issues faced by people of Delhi, says rebel AAP MLA Kapil Mishra. 

  11. 8:25PM
    20 Feb, 18
    AAP questions Chief Secretary's claims

    When the alleged incident happened at night, why did Chief Secretary not call the police to register the FIR? questions Sourabh Bhardwaj.

  12. 8:16PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Delhi Police begins investigation

    Have registered a case where its said that yesterday late night Chief Secy was called at CM's residence where some MLAs were also present and Chief Secy was assaulted. The investigation has begun. Another complaint has been filed by a Delhi Minister where he has said that he was assaulted while he was taking the lift in Delhi Secretariat. We have registered case, investigation initiated: Deependra Pathak, Delhi Police Spokesperson

  13. 7:39PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Copy of FIR on complaint of Chief Secretary

  14. 7:10PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Adityanath on alleged assault of Chief Secretary

    What happened is unfortunate & sad, running a govt is teamwork no one can have a monopoly in it, you cannot make anyone sign anything forcefully. The way AAP is working is not how a govt is run, they are working like a 'giroh': UP CM

  15. 6:57PM
    20 Feb, 18

    While IAS Association takes out candlelight protest march at Rajghat, BJP is protesting outside CM residence in Delhi. 

  16. 6:55PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Manoj Tiwari on AAP Govt
  17. 6:53PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Delhi Congress seeks time from LG

    The Congress has sought an appointment with LG for a delegation comprising of-Ajay Maken, former Delhi CM  Sheila Dixit along with former Cabinet Ministers and former Speakers of Delhi Assembly. We condemn the attack on Chief Secretary and demand safety with no political pressure on Delhi Govt Officers: Ajay Maken. 

  18. 6:49PM
    20 Feb, 18
    FIR lodged in alleged assault of Chief Secretary

    The alleged assault of Delhi Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash: FIR lodged under Sections 186 (obstructing a public servant from performing the duty), 353 (assaulting a public servant), 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), 342, 504, 506(2) & 120b & 34.

  19. 6:25PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Security of Delhi Secretariat vulnerable?

    The fundamental question is how can police allow such huge mob to gather at high-security zone like Delhi secretariat and then allow them to assault a member of the Govt and 15 minutes later another member of the cabinet? : AAP

  20. 6:05PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Who said what

    BJP wants Arvind Kejriwal to resign, Congress seeks his apology. Here is who said what in the Govt vs Administration standoff in Delhi. READ HERE

  21. 5:34PM
    20 Feb, 18
    BJP protestst at Kejriwal's residence

    A massive protest is underway by BJP outside the residence of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal over the alleged assault of Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash. 

  22. 5:16PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Congress criticises Delhi Govt

    Sad situation when the Chief Secretary is being manhandled by MLAs, it's totally unacceptable and very very wrong, makes it worse if the CM was present there. CM himself has been a civil servant, did he ever do this? Or what if this happened to him? Shameful: Sheila Dikshit, former Delhi CM

  23. 5:11PM
    20 Feb, 18
    'Abused and assaulted by AAP MLAs'

    Chief Secretary in a written statement says, ' The MLAs shouted at me and abused me while blaming me and the bureaucracy for not doing enough for publicity of the government.' The Chief Secretary claims that she was threatened to be implicated in false cases and was suddenly attacked by AAP MLA Amanatullah Khan and others in the presence of CM Kejriwal and Deputy CM Manish Sisodia. Here is the statement released by Chief Secretary's office. 

  24. 4:56PM
    20 Feb, 18
    'Assault on Constitution'

    Strongly condemn the assault on Chief Secretary, Delhi. It's a criminal, cowardly & deplorable act and an assault on the Constitution. We stand by our colleagues in Delhi and demand immediate arrest of the perpetrators of such shameful act: IAS Association

  25. 4:49PM
    20 Feb, 18
    No appointment with MHA for Ashish Khetan

    Ashish Khetan claims, "I have been told that HM is very busy and he won't be able to meet me."

  26. 4:34PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Chief Secretary stormed out of the meeting

    AAP says that Chief Secretary stormed out of the meeting, which was called late last night. CCTV footage shows that an AAP MLA urged him to come back to the meeting. 

  27. 4:28PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Questions on Security of Delhi Secretariat

    150 people gathered despite the presence of Delhi Police and MLAs were assaulted, who created a rioting situation in Delhi Secretariat: Ashish Khetan

  28. 4:25PM
    20 Feb, 18
    There were verbal brawls with Chief Secretary

    There were verbal brawls between the Chief Secretary and AAP MLAs as the CS said that he is accountable only to the LG and not to the MLAs, there was no physical assault on the Chief Secretary: AAP

  29. 4:22PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Meeting with Chief Secy on distribution of ration

    AAP says the meeting was about the proper distribution of ration in Delhi as 2.5 lakh people have not received ration. The meeting was not about advertisements. This is a ploy to divert the issue from the real problems, since we are fixing the accountability of the officers: AAP 

  30. 4:16PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Attack by over 150 people in Secretariat

    Mob of 150 people surrounded me at 2nd floor of secretariat and they heckled me and shouted slogans and after attacking me they attacked Minister Imran Hussain and his staff: Ashish Khetan

  31. 4:13PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Ashish Khetan to MHA Rajnath Singh

    Sir, you have already pronounced the verdict by holding AAP guilty. Then whats the point of ordering inquiry? You should have first ascertained full facts through an independent & credible process. Sad to see that you couldn't rise above party politics: Ashish Khetan. Khetan says, 'I have sought a meeting with you (Rajnath Singh) to apprise you of the unfortunate incidents at Delhi Secretariat this afternoon.'

  32. 4:09PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Complaint against Chief Secy at SC/ST Commission

    We have lodged a complaint with SC/ST Commission against the casteist comments made by the Delhi Chief Secretary: Prakash Jarwal, AAP MLA

    The MLA added, "We had asked him about an area where ppl were not getting basic facilities like medicine, the Chief Secy suddenly shouted 'maine Daliton ki thekedaari nahi le rakhi hai', his temper was high. He said 'you are not fit to be MLA, I will only reply to LG"

  33. 4:07PM
    20 Feb, 18
    First video footage of Secretariat assault
  34. 3:57PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Delhi Secretariat security breached

    Delhi Secretariat is one of the most guarded government buildings in the national capital, with its security mostly relied upon the Delhi Police. An assault like this poses serious questions on the security and safety measures adopted by the Delhi Police and officers posted at the Secretariat. 

  35. 3:49PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Ministers locked inside Secretariat

    AAP leaders including a minister Satyendra Jain remain locked in secretariat for hours. Police had to make a safe passage for the ministers amid protestors. 

  36. 3:48PM
    20 Feb, 18
    IAS bodies rallies in support of Chief Secretary

    Till action is not taken we are not going to resume work. Today we will take out a candle march at Rajghat in protest. HM has said he has asked for a report: DN Singh, Delhi Administrative Subordinate Services President.

  37. 3:43PM
    20 Feb, 18
    MHA seeks report

    I am deeply pained by the happenings involving the Chief Secretary of the Delhi Government. The civil servants should be allowed to work with dignity and without fear, says Rajnath Singh. Singh, tweeted, "The MHA has sought a report on the incident from the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. Justice will be done."

  38. 3:42PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Delhi Cabinet meeting underway

    A cabinet meeting of Delhi Government is underway at CM Arvind Kejriwal's residence. Earlier the meeting was to take place at the Secretariat. 

  39. 3:41PM
    20 Feb, 18
    Solidarity with Chief Secretary at Secretariat

    The crowd at secretariat was mostly government officials working in different departments "who came to the second floor to show solidarity" with the Chief Secretary. The protesting officials, who are still here, are not going to leave.

    DCP (Central) M S Randhawa has confirmed that they received a PCR call from the associate of Ashish Khetan, claiming that Khaitan was manhandled at Delhi Secretariat by Babus. Verifying all allegations. Meanwhile, Imran Hussain has lodged a complaint against the assault at IP estate. The minister was badly thrashed by the protestors.

  40. 3:29PM
    20 Feb, 18
    AAP alleges BJP involvement in the attack on MLAs

    AAP Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh alleged BJP hand in the assault on the party's MLAs Imran Hussain and Ashish Khetan.