Delhi: 2 women attack each other with knives,1 dead,other critical

One of the women’s three-year-old son also stabbed to death,daughter grievously injured.

Written by Ananya Bhardwaj | New Delhi | Published: October 18, 2013 2:27:51 am

An argument between two women took a nasty turn on Thursday after they allegedly pulled out knives,scissors and surgical blades to stab each other in a fit of rage.

One of the women was killed while the other was critically injured. A three-year-old boy,the son of one of the women,allegedly came between them and was stabbed to death. The woman’s 17-year-old daughter too sustained severe injuries.

The injured have been identified as Sudesh,who works as a nurse,and her daughter Komal (17). The dead were identified as Reena (43),wife of Manoj Taneja,a property dealer,and Aarav (3),Sudesh’s son.

The incident was reported from West Delhi’s Moti Nagar area. According to police,Sudesh reportedly called Reena,who lives a few blocks away,to her house to resolve an issue. Reena came over and soon an argument broke out between the two. It took a violent turn when both the women picked up knives and blades to attack each other,police said.

It is still unclear as to who stabbed who first,but police suspect that Sudesh first stabbed Reena with a knife and,in retaliation,Reena stabbed her. Sudesh’s children,Aarav and Komal,came between them,and got stabbed as well.

Police said after she was stabbed,Komal tried to escape from the house to seek help from neighbours,but could not. She managed to sneak on to the balcony and shouted for help. Gagandeep,a neighbour who was outside at that time,saw Komal soaked in blood and immediately rushed to her rescue.

“When we rang the bell,no one opened the door. We immediately made a PCR call and informed police,” Gagandeep said.

According to police,they received a call around 2.15 pm alerting them that a woman covered in blood was locked inside a house and was unable to open the door.

But neighbours said,a few minutes later,Sudesh opened the door. She was bleeding profusely and had a knife stuck in her abdomen and deep cut wounds all over her body,a neighbour said.

“Sudesh told us that Reena’s body was in the store room and Aarav was lying dead beside the bed in the drawing room. Sudesh also said she knew she too would die soon and that all her property should be given to her younger daughter who studies in a boarding school,” the neighbour said.

Sudesh and Komal were rushed to Acharya Bhikshu hospital and later referred to AIIMS Trauma Centre.

Komal sustained multiple stab wounds on her body,while Sudesh has a deep cut in the abdomen. Both of them are critical,police said.

According to police,a note — written in blood — holding Reena’s husband Manoj responsible for the dispute between them,has also been recovered from Sudesh’s house.

Police have registered a case of murder and attempt to murder and are investigating the matter.

“Both Manoj and Sudesh’s husband Anil will be called in for questioning.

The investigation is underway,” DCP (West) Ranvir Singh said

Police work on 2 theories,say motive is still unclear

Police are still unclear as to what transpired inside house number 23 in Moti Nagar,West Delhi,on Thursday afternoon or the sequence of events which led to the argument and culminated in the death of two,including a three-year-old boy.

Police are investigating the double-murder case from two crucial angles.

According to police,Sudesh’s husband Anil Sharma,who works as the manager (corporate communications) of a publication house,purchased their house in Moti Nagar from Reena’s husband Manoj five years ago.

Police also said investigations have revealed that Manoj was in touch with Sudesh since then. Police are trying to ascertain the nature of the relationship that Manoj and Sudesh shared. Police said Reena was not happy with her husband’s relationship with Sudesh and could have gone over to Sudesh’s house on Thursday afternoon to settle the matter with her.

In support of this theory,police have found a note written in blood in Sudesh’s house which said Manoj was responsible for this mishap. Police are trying to ascertain which of the two women wrote the note.

Police said that it was also unclear as to who stabbed who first or what the trigger was.

Another theory police are working on is that Sudesh had called Reena over to her house to resolve the issue between them and stabbed her. She then stabbed her daughter Komal,her son Aarav and then inflicted wounds on herself in a bid to commit suicide. Police suspect that Sudesh did this as she did not want her husband to know about her issues with Reena.

Sudesh must have feared that Reena would disclose the nature of their dispute to Anil,which is why she stabbed Reena,her own children (witnesses to the argument) and then tried to commit suicide,police said.

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