Defacement of signages: War of words between AAP and BJP

Defacement of signages: War of words between AAP and BJP

Meanwhile, the Congress also condemned the act.

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An NDMC worker cleans the signboard at Firozshah Road in Central Delhi on Friday after a right-wing outfit vandalised it. (Source: Express Photo by Prem Nath Pandey )

A day after signages of roads named after Muslim personalities were defaced in Central Delhi, with right-wing Shiv Sena Hindustan claiming to be behind the vandalism, the AAP attacked the BJP for the incident. The party has also demanded legal action against the outfit.

The AAP in a statement said, “Brushed aside as an act of routine hooliganism by the Delhi Police, the incident is a stigma on the capital’s social fabric. Action taken against these elements should prove a deterrent for other such radical outfits.”

Training its guns on the BJP, the AAP said, “The perpetrators of the crime had the audacity to paste their complete details on the boards after defacing them. The group undoubtedly draws its power from the BJP-led coalition in power.”


The BJP, on the other hand, denied the allegations and clarified that the outfit was not connected to it in any way.


“We strongly condemn the act of defacing public property because there are Muslim names. We have no plans of changing the names of the roads and we don’t believe in differentiating between Hindus and Muslims. This is a matter of remembering our history, and religion should not be brought into it,” BJP spokesperson Harish Khurana said.

The AAP further alleged that “several acts of radical elements hijacking the law and playing moral police” had come up after the BJP came to power at the Centre.

“The Modi government is helping right-wing groups in talibanising the country… It seems that the dream of achhe din marketed by Modi also include days when intolerance would be at its height. As a result, the lives and properties of minority and weaker sections of society are continuously under,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, the Congress also condemned the act.

“It is a deliberate and desperate attempt to destroy the secular culture of India. We condemn such acts. It is also an offence to deliberately damage public property. We demand that the people involved be arrested and brought to justice,” DPCC spokesperson Sharmistha Mukherjee said.