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Monday, July 23, 2018

Deepak Bhardwaj case: Story of greed,ego unfolds

The disclosure reports of the two main accused in the Bhardwaj murder case speak of greed,ego and repression.

Written by Shalini Narayan | New Delhi | Published: April 11, 2013 1:31:26 am

The disclosure reports of the two main accused in the Bhardwaj murder case speak of greed,ego and repression.

Sehrawat in his statement to police said he knew Nitesh was disgusted with his father’s authoritarian nature and the ill-treatment he meted out to his mother and the rest of the family members. Sehrawat told police he realised he could make money if he exploited Nitesh’s vulnerability.

In his disclosure,Nitesh said that within three years of Bhardwaj’s marriage to Ramesh Kumari,he started ill-treating her and would beat her almost every day. Bhardwaj would bring women over and insult Ramesh Kumari in front of them,Nitesh reportedly told police.

“I was very depressed because my father harassed us. I knew my father was getting several papers signed and had taken back the shares he transferred to us. I felt something fishy and was uncomfortable. By then,I realised one thing — either my father would live,or I would,” Nitesh’s statement read.

Nitesh is an engineering graduate from Purdue University,USA,and worked in Chicago for a few years. On his return to India in 2005,Nitesh joined one of Bhardwaj’s companies as a director. However,his salary went directly to Bhardwaj,he told police. Nitesh later became the general secretary of the Shiksha Bharati School in Dwarka,run by his father. Nitesh told police that Bhardwaj would give him huge amounts for safekeeping.

On one occasion,Bhardwaj gave Nitesh Rs 50 lakh. Nitesh told police that he gave the Rs 50 lakh to Sehrawat to kill Bhardwaj.

Nitesh told police that Bhardwaj had filed several complaints against the family,including his wife and elder son. When he shared his anxiety with Sehrawat,he assured him that Bhardwaj would be taken care of,Nitesh said in his statement.

Sehrawat,a law graduate from Rohtak’s MDU University,told police: “I had arranged for two properties for Bhardwaj. Nitesh,who knew this,contacted me saying he wanted me to arrange property deals for him. I did so and that’s how we became close,” Sehrawat told police.

“When Nitesh told me about the situation at home,I took pity on him and assured him that I knew a lot of people and that I would help arrange the killing,” he said in his statement. In December 2012,Sehrawat introduced Swami Pratibhanand to Nitesh saying he would do the job. Pratibhanand,Sehrawat told police,never asked him why he needed the job done. All he was interested in was the money to buy an ashram,Sehrawat told police.

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