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Friday, February 21, 2020

DDA will take dwellers’ consent before developing slums

DDA will modify its policy based on the suggestions that come in and have it reviewed by a panel of experts.

By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: March 10, 2015 2:39:10 am

Delhi’s premier land-owning agency, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has prepared a draft to introduce a whole new model for slum rehabilitation, which will involve active participation by private developers. The authority will upload the proposal, based on the models for rehabilitation for slum-dwellers in Mumbai, on its website and invite suggestions.

The new model has been undertaken after the previous two models brought in by the department for rehabilitation of slum dwellers failed. For instance, in the very first model, slum dwellers were awarded plots which were in some cases far from the inhabitants’ sources of livelihood. The model has since become defunct.

The second model was the ‘in-situ’ development model, according to which slum dwellers were to be rehabilitated at their own plots subsequent to development. However, the DDA admits that in the case of Kathputli colony, the model never worked.

“It had been assumed that the slum dwellers would move out of the Kathputli colony since redevelopment was a major incentive. However, in this case, since the consent of the dwellers was not taken in advance, the project has not made much progress as dwellers have refuded to move,” the policy states.

It is to combat such hurdles that the policy sees the need to take the consent of the affected inhabitants.

Now any developer interested in exploiting commercial possibilities of land where a slum exists needs to take consent of at least 70 per cent of the people.

To begin with, the DDA will first identify the slum cluster in a survey and its eligibility for rehabilitation will be decided by the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board. Presently, there are 291 slums on DDA land. During the survey, the consent of the dwellers will also be taken.

Subsequent to this, the DDA will identify the developers depending upon the size of the cluster to be rehabilitated. If 70 per cent or more slum-dwellers agree to the developer’s plan, the developer will be able to approach the authority with its plans for the area and will have to pay DDA 25 per cent of the land rates according to the prevalent circle rates.

Once the plan is approved, the developer will be allowed to start construction of houses, community centres and other such facilities for slum dwellers and avail an equivalent FAR that they could exploit commercially.

DDA will modify its policy based on the suggestions that come in and have it reviewed by a panel of experts.

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