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COUNSELLORS’ CORNER: Hassle-free board exams

Quest is a project of The Indian Express in schools in and around Delhi. It covers more than 50 schools in Delhi and NCR...

New Delhi |
March 13, 2009 12:23:03 am

A schools’ initiative from The Express Group
Quest is a project of The Indian Express in schools in and around Delhi. It covers more than 50 schools in Delhi and NCR.

Quest aims at stirring awareness and opinions. For the next few weeks,as our readers concentrate on the board examination,the Quest team will hold your hand throughout. Students,teachers and parents can send their queries about the exam,stress or particular subjects and we will answer them in this weekly coloumn.

With CBSE exams in full swing,students are sweating it out,spending hours with their textbooks. But a few questions still linger for students,parents and counsellors,ranging from handling last-minute panic to deliberating on “What next?” Quest brings you answers to some questions sent in by our readers. The answers have been given by CBSE helpline counsellor Geetanjali Kumar,and Bharti Puri,PGT English,Birla Vidya Niketan,Pushp Vihar.

What are the different steps taken by the teachers and the staff of the school where the children go to appear for their exams as the atmosphere is alien to them and the students don’t feel comfortable?
Anjali Aggarwal,Principal,St. Mark’s Sr. Sec. School,Meera Bagh

Only child-friendly teachers,who the children trust,should be put on duty to accompany the students to the examination centre. The presence of the subject teacher creates a feeling of security. Teachers should always go to the examination centre with a positive frame of mind. They should be able to make children feel comfortable while taking their exam.

How should students plan their study in the preparatory leave? Should they start from the first lesson and learn everything or should they solve sample papers and concentrate on only on important topics. Please suggest some tips.
Poonam Wadehra — TGT-Science,Bharti Public School,Mayur Vihar

It is better to plan a detailed revision schedule. Go through the chapters thoroughly and simultaneously solve the sample papers. This will in turn give you a quick feedback.

Can you give some tips to students for recalling formulae of National Income & Accounting?
Deepti Kutaula — PGT-Economics,Cambridge School,Indirapuram

Jot down the formulae on flash cards with colourful bold pens and paste them in your study room. Try to repeat them as frequently as possible. Give yourself an opportunity to recall them unconsciously or subconsciously as and when you get a little time. If you forget them,immediately check and tally the answers from the textbook.

After studying continuously for 2-3 hours,a student’s eyes start hurting. after some time,they begin to water. What can be done to avoid this?
Naina Mehta,X B,St. Cecilia’s Public School,Vikas Puri

Always keep blinking during the paper if you feel that your eyes are becoming heavy. Splash mineral water in your eyes. While resting,place cucumber slices on your eyes for a cooling effect. Also,try some of the neck exercises (with closed eyes) mentioned below: –
* Rotate your neck from right to left side and vice-versa.
* Your chin should touch your neck. Repeat this activity few times.
* Stretch your body to the maximum. This will help relax your nerves.

Students want to know will there be negative marking if they exceed the word limit?
Neenu Singh,TGT English,Bal Bharti Public School,Ganga Ram Hospital Marg

In the English paper,adhering to the word limit is of utmost importance. If you exceed the word limit,marks will be deducted. Five to 10 words do not make a difference but beyond that,there is negative marking.

Wherever a word limit is given,it means that the answer can be easily framed within that limit. If it is too small,write only what is relevant. Do not give any extra information.

Should the students support 2- & 3-marks answers with diagrams?
Dr Swati Dixit — PGT-Biology,Cambridge School,Indirapuram

The student should know how important the question is and accordingly use flow charts,and web diagrams. Use these tools only if you are sure that you can replace text with diagrams or charts. It is a nice way of presentation and makes the answer easier for the examiner to comprehend.

How many subtitles should there be in a note-making question?
Preeti Kailoo,English teacher,Ramjas School,Pusa Road

Ideally,there should be four subtitles in a note-making question. They have to be picked up from the passage itself.

Most of the parents are so anxious that their anxiety gets transmitted to their children like a communicable disease. how do you counsel such parents?
Anjali Aggarwal,Principal,St. Mark’s Sr. Sec. School,Meera Bagh

Parents should be sure and confident. They should identify the strengths and weaknesses of their child. Your confidence gets communicated to your child. Fair and honest assessments should be passed on to the child. There should be open and genuine communication with unconditional acceptance to encourage the child to do his best.

Will there be a difference in marking,if the students mix different sections of the English Paper
Neenu Singh,TGT English,Bal Bharti Public School,Ganga Ram Hospital Marg

There is no hard and fast rule regarding this,but it is always better to answer each section separately. If students mix the answers of different sections,it can create confusion for both the student and the examiner. The student might miss a question and the answer might go unseen by the examiner,thereby making the student lose marks.

If a child begins the answer with ‘because’ or does not answer in complete sentences,will he/she be

Preeti Kailoo,English teacher Ramjas School,Pusa Road

Yes,the child would be penalised. It is very important to frame the answer using proper grammatical sentences. The answer should relate to the question so that it makes sense to the examiner. Students must use complete sentences in order to provide a satisfactory answer.

In telegrams,can the examinee think of fictitious dates even if the question says ‘do not add extra information’?
Neenu Singh,TGT English,Bal Bharti Public School,Ganga Ram Hospital Marg

It’s alright to add dates in the telegram. As long as the student is not tampering with the message that has to be delivered,it does not matter.

The date is an essential part of the format of a telegram,so you can add fictitious dates and not lose marks.

This information is not extra,it’s a part of the format.

The students do not take ‘English’ as seriously as other subjects. Consequently,not much time is devoted for the preparation of the lessons in advance. in the eleventh hour when they read or prepare their lessons,they do not find ample time to do justice to the syllabus. Though teachers keep reminding and warning the students about the difficulties they will face at the end of the session,students usually pay no heed. How should this be handled?
Shikha Arora,Sr. Head Mistress,Doon Public School,Paschim Vihar

Every subject is like a tug-off-war at the eleventh hour. So no point in comparisons. Instead,the importance of the subject should be stressed by the teacher all the year round. Teachers have to plan the collaborative participation of students to generate genuine interest.

The questions maybe e-mailed to and the selected questions will be answered by our counsellors in the coloumn of the Quest Page.

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