Cop recalls horror as bootleggers trapped them,killed 1

Cop recalls horror as bootleggers trapped them,killed 1

‘I felt a hard blow on my hand and began screaming. Ten to 12 men surrounded us and began hurling stones’

A day after police arrested a bootlegger for allegedly beating to death a constable posted with the Excise department,three more persons were detained on Sunday.

Police said at least eight others were on the run and said teams had been formed to nab them.

On Friday night,Vinod Kumar (48) was allegedly beaten to death by bootleggers in a jungle in Ghitorni village of Vasant Kunj. He and his men were chasing two bootleggers carrying liquor in their Wagon R car. Police had received a tip-off that illegal liquor was being transported in the Wagon R.

According to police,the incident took place around 1.45 am. Kumar,constable Sokhinder and two civilians,Pawan and Mukesh,were travelling in Pawan’s Santro car near Andheria More in South Delhi.


Speaking to Newsline,Sokhinder said,“We had just returned from a raid and another team,which was in a separate car,had headed home. We were on our way to drop Mukesh,who lives in Dwarka. Pawan was driving the car. Suddenly,we got information that a car carrying liquor would be passing by Andheria More. Just then,we noticed the car and began following the vehicle. Once the car took a U-turn,we intercepted the vehicle and got off. We showed the two men seated inside our ID cards and asked them to get off. We checked their car as well. The vehicle had several cartons of country-made liquor. Just then,the driver sped off. We then began following them.”

“The Wagon R was being driven fast,but we gave chase. They led us into a jungle in Ghitorni,where we stopped. They hit our vehicle in an attempt to stop us from following them. In the jungle,I was the first to get off. Out of nowhere,I felt a hard blow on my hand and I began screaming. In the meantime,10 to 12 men surrounded us and began hurling stones at us. We didn’t know how to get out of there because by then they had caught Kumar and Pawan. Pawan has suffered a fracture in his arm,” he said.

Sokhendra then realised they had been ambushed. “We immediately got into the car and left. I made a PCR call and informed police. A few metres ahead,we realised that Vinod was not with us. We then turned the vehicle around and went back. However,by the time we were in the jungle,Vinod was nowhere to be seen,” he said.

Sources said as a PCR van tried to locate Kumar,a guard posted outside a farmhouse in Sainik Farms guided police to the place where he lay bleeding. Police managed to locate him and rushed him to the AIIMS Trauma Centre,where he succumbed to injuries.

A relative of Kumar said,“Vinod had called on a mobile phone,which his daughter answered. He told her that he had been attacked by some men in Ghitorni. He said he didn’t know where he was. He told us that those accompanying him had fled and left him alone. If they had waited and helped,he would have been alive. Police have recorded Kumar’s daughter’s statement.”

Vinod is survived by his wife,24-year-old daughter and a son,who will turn two years old on January 31.