‘Columns like hers belong to Closer’

I read,with initial dismay and subsequent anger,Namrata Zakaria’s fine fluff.

Published: September 20, 2012 1:47:51 am

Dear Editor,

I read,with initial dismay and subsequent anger,Namrata Zakaria’s fine fluff: Topless Kate,Clueless Will (Talk,Sept 19). The fact of the matter is that firstly,a woman’s privacy has been invaded. Considering she belongs to the same sex,one would imagine that Ms Zakaria should have been more sensitive and graceful towards that. But no,Miss Zakaria is not. She sees “irony” in the fact that the revealing pictures appeared in the same magazine that hailed the Duchess as a style icon. There is no irony there. There’s sheer sadness that the magazine did what it did.

Further on,in the article,she revels in more ridiculousness. She says “it would be wonderful if Kate had just laughed it off”. Really now? The only thing that’s worth laughing at is Ms Zakaria’s lackadaisical logic.

Throughout the article,however,there is no reference to why Will is clueless. And the reason why the article is titled what it is. Topless- Clueless — it’s not even great rhyming,Madam.

And then as a final nail in her journalistic coffin,she writes,“the first

thing you notice on seeing the scrawny princess is that you can count her ribs easily”. I mean,how rude and insensitive is that.

I am told,from sources that know her,that Ms Fluff is a highly opinionated individual. But if her opinion is stupid as is clear from this piece,she must refrain from writing the poppycock that she does every week.

And why must you,The Indian Express,carry a column like that. We read you because we respect your journalistic spine and the fairness in your voice.

Columns like hers belong to Closer. Drop her. Please.

Swapan Seth

Seth is a writer and advertising personality

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