city anchor: ‘This is Noida police. How can I help you?’

A polite “How can I help you?” is not what one expects when dialling Noida police.

Written by Dipankar Ghose | Noida | Published: May 8, 2012 3:05:37 am

A polite “How can I help you?” is not what one expects when dialling Noida police. But if the plan that the force has chalked out comes into effect,in another six months callers of the dedicated police number can expect a friendlier response.

The Noida police intends to open a police call centre and hire trained employees,who will act as nodal points between callers and the police.

Superintendent of Police (City) Yogesh Singh said,“The plan is still at a nascent stage,the modalities are still to be worked out. The basic concept is that we will have a dedicated call centre with trained professionals. They will be put through a course by us on how the police systems function. The plan is to introduce this on a trial basis in the next few moths.”

Singh said the proposed call centre aims to improve “efficiency” and “sensitivity”.

“The call centre will have several lines with multiple operators. Police officials will be stationed right next to the trained staff. The policemen will relay the information to the police station concerned and will be there to help the operator if required,” said Singh.

In case the line is busy,the caller will also have the option of recording the complaint.

“In case of an emergency,it’s possible that a victim has only one chance to make a phone call. In that case,the point is lost if the police number is busy,” a senior police officer said.

The call centre employees will also be trained to deal with the callers in a “sensitive” manner.

“People don’t make complaints as they are afraid of being dealt with severely by the police. This is more common when the complainant is poor. The call centre employees,will give the complainant a good hearing,” a senior police officer said.

Additionally,in collaboration with the Noida Authority,the police are mulling over the possibility of a dedicated call centre for property and land cases.

“Most calls pertain to such cases. The idea is to have a separate line,which will be monitored by an operator,a police personnel and an Authority official. The presence of Authority officials will help in solving these cases faster,” an officer said.

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