Chatter box

Chatter box

The Punjabi girl Rakhi Sharma on Lux Dance India Dance will add to the excitement this week by nominating herself for elimination.

Drama Queen

The Punjabi girl Rakhi Sharma on Lux Dance India Dance will add to the excitement this week by nominating herself for elimination. On the judgment day,just when master Remo was contemplating whom he should nominate,Rakhi stepped out of the queue and announced her name. Teary eyed,she explained: “People think I’m only an entertainer… and that I cannot dance. I want to prove myself this time. I want people to remember me as a dancer and not an entertainer.” It did take some reprimanding on the part of Remo and Mithun Chakraborty to make her understand that that wasn’t the case. Rakhi did cheer up after Khushboo Purohit was nominated but one could already smell the brewing rivalry amongst the contestants.

Knot thoughts

FAISAL Khan and Neha Desai of Woh Rehne Wali Mehlon Ki are in love,on-screen. Their characters Varun and Payal are soon to marry in the show. But in real life,the two have very contradictory views on marriage. While Faisal thinks that love marriages are better and that unlike today’s young couples who impulsively decide to get divorced,he prefers to make efforts to make the relationship work. Neha,on the other hand,feels it’s a game of destiny. If a marriage is not working,an effort is a must,but separation isn’t out of question. No chance of this on-screen couple getting married in real life.

What’s up,bro?

BAICHUNG Bhutia,shy,soft-spoken football captain of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 3,seems to be the latest heartthrob on the sets. None of the women seem to want to call him ‘bhai’,including judges Vaibhavi Merchant and Juhi Chawla. But the man in question is simply oblivious to all as he simply has a smile plastered on his face. The presence of his pretty wife however,has helped as,seeing the happy twosome,the women on the show finally relent. Juhi made her stand clear as she announced: “Definitely my ‘bhai’ Chung!”

Act it out


ACTOR Lalit Parimoo of Mulk,Misaal,Tejaswini and Aathvan Vachan fame,is a follower of yoga and tantra. Alongside his career in television,Lalit has conceptualised the new hybrid form of yoga called Abhinay Yog,the aim of which is self-development with the aid of basic acting skills and yogic techniques.

The theory behind the form,says Lalit,is that everyone on this earth is an actor and he or she comes into the world for a brief span of time and goes away. Most of us fail to play our roles properly and hence life becomes a series of mistakes. Discovering the actor within one helps refashion thinking patterns and free the self of psychosomatic ailments. Can’t say we follow what he’s saying but it sure sounds profound.