Campaigning for DUSU polls ends,parties take to social networking,live chat for votes

Campaigning for DUSU polls ends,parties take to social networking,live chat for votes

As campaigning for the Delhi University Students’ Union polls came to an end on Wednesday,candidates could be seen rushing from one class to another canvassing for votes.

As campaigning for the Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) polls came to an end on Wednesday,candidates could be seen rushing from one class to another canvassing for votes. Some even took to social networking sites to garner votes.

ABVP on Wednesday invited around 1,000 students for a live chat. “While the university has not taken any initiative to use radio and the internet to make the students more aware of the candidates,we have been using Facebook and Twitter for this purpose,” Rohit Chahal,state secretary of ABVP,said.

Amrishranjan Pandey,the spokesperson of NSUI,said: “While the university had asked all the candidates to submit their profile,they have not put it up on the website. It would have made a lot of difference for our candidates because the voters will be able to see which party’s candidate is better.”

Bucking the general trend of DUSU candidates mostly coming from the Law Faculty and Department of Buddhist Studies,this year,many of the candidates are from courses such as MSc Statistics and English (Honours).


Addressing students at Zakir Husain College,Nikita Sinha,a first-year student of MSc Statistics at Ramjas College,said,“We are not related to any politician,nor are we aiming for a career in politics. We are like any other student.”

Nikita came to study in Delhi University in 2009 and took admission in BSc Statistics (Honours) at Ramjas College.

At that time,like most other first-year students,Nikita had no idea about the nature of student politics in the university.

It was in her second year that Nikita met activists from All India Students’ Association (AISA) and joined the organisation.

“As I started working on students’ issues,I realised that it was a difficult task. I also realised that one needs the support of like-minded people to even attempt any such change. I joined AISA as my ideas matched those of its members,” Nikita said.

In her second year,she decided to stand for the post of the college secretary. “It was only after I was elected the college secretary that I gradually started understanding the role of DUSU,” she said.

Urging students to vote for the AISA candidates and condemning the “money-muscle-caste based politics of NSUI-ABVP”,Nikita told students: “People get elected to DUSU but forget about working for students’ issues.”

Ritu Rana is a student of the off-campus Bhagini Nivedita College near Najafgarh. A first-year student of BA Programme,Ritu has been visiting various off-campus colleges to make students aware about the relevance of the union. “Students of these off-campus colleges do not feel a part of the main campus. I hope to bring the issues faced by these students to the forefront,” she said.

Meanwhile,Congress MP from Rohtak,Deepender Hooda,on Wednesday said students of Haryana have always been keen to study in Delhi University as that gives them a better perspective.

Addressing a meeting of Haryana students studying in DU,Hooda asked students to support NSUI candidates Arun Hooda,Varun Khari and Varun Chaudhary and Raveena Choudhary for president,vice-president,secretary and joint secretary,respectively.

New wave in DUSU polls

Nikita Sinha

Contesting for the post of President,DUSU

Party – All India Students’ Association (AISA)Course – First year,MSc Statistics,Ramjas College

What she hopes to change: Nikita says she wants to make sure that DUSU becomes a platform for raising students’ demands. “We plan to take up issues like concession in Metro fare for students,cases of sexual harassment and improvement in infrastructure. AISA has been working in JNU for 17 years now. See how safe the JNU campus is. In case of any student issue there,the student community stands as one. This is what we hope to achieve on the Delhi University campus as well.”

Raveena Choudhary

Contesting for the post of Joint Secretary,DUSU

Party – National Students’ Union of India (NSUI)

Course – First year,English (Honours),Motilal Nehru College

What she hopes to change: Raveena wants to put in place a students’ charter,which will display all the rights and entitlements of students. Portions of the charter like the time-limit prescribed for revalaution and rechecking of examination sheets should also be displayed at various centres. “Adequate concession should be provided to students in buses and on the Metro. We also want the university to collaborate with publishing houses to bring out low-priced editions of books,” she says.

Gaurav Choudhary

Contesting for the post of the Vice-President,DUSU

Party – Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)

Course – First year,Sanskrit (Honours),Hansraj College


What he hopes to change: Apart from the demand for opening new colleges and increasing security on campus,Gaurav also plans to take up the issue of security of students from the North-East. “A grievance redressal committee should be set up in the university. This is needed to address the issues of various groups of students. Funds for students scholarships,especially for those belonging to economically weaker sections of society should be increased,” he says.