Brawn-&-brain juggles sphere & cube

Brawn-&-brain juggles sphere & cube

Few humans in the world have thrown a 7.26 kg metal ball over 21 metres as many times as Reese Hoffa has.

Few humans in the world have thrown a 7.26 kg metal ball over 21 metres as many times as Reese Hoffa has. But what is a lot more interesting is that nobody in the world has thrown that heavy shot put any distance,while solving a Rubik’s Cube between efforts.

Hoffa doesn’t just solve those impossible coloured squares,he does so in speed-cubing times — well under a minute. While these feats may seem hard enough individually or collectively,Hoffa,35,also spends his time juggling flaming torches.

On June 25 this year,with a throw of exactly 22m — the record for 2012 — and solving the cube in record times on the side,the 300 pound man made it to the US Olympic team for the third consecutive time.

The cube,he says,will help him achieve what he has never achieved before — win an Olympic medal.


“The Rubik’s Cube helped me focus,to tell you the truth. I would do the Rubik’s Cube in between each of the rounds just to keep me off of what’s going on around me,to help me focus,” Hoffa is quoted as saying.

“It helps me not worry about what’s going on in the ring. It allows me to just go out there and throw.”

The love for the cube is deep-rooted. His personal collection of the squares consists of everything from the classic 3x3s to the 5×5 Professor model. Having purchased a ‘specialty speed cube’ with screws that allow for adjusting the tension of the puzzle just for London,he says he wants to learn the Fridrich Method of solving the puzzle,“which is what all of the best cubers use.”

While Hoffa is great in the ring,what really makes him stand apart is his personality outside it.

He appeared for a competition in 2004 with a lucha libre mask on,and registered himself as the ‘Unknown Putter’. After setting his then personal best of 20.90 in the same event,he took a victory lap with a turkey leg in his hands — something that has now become a tradition since he first did it at Drake Relays,2000.