More trouble for AAP as Binny, two other MLAs threaten to pull down govt

More trouble for AAP as Binny, two other MLAs threaten to pull down govt

Serve 48-hour notice, claim to be in touch with more legislators.

Iqbal, Binny address the press on Sunday.(Amit Mehra)
Iqbal, Binny address the press on Sunday. (Amit Mehra)

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called his minority AAP government a “48-hour” government before the trust vote earlier this month.

On Sunday, expelled AAP MLA Vinod Kumar Binny, along with independent MLA Rambir Shokeen and JD(U) MLA Shoaib Iqbal, threatened to stop supporting the AAP government if their demands were not met within 48 hours. The MLAs claimed they were in touch with two more MLAs. They, however, did not reveal the names of the two MLAs they claimed to be in touch with.

“We are in touch with two more MLAs… We will form our own front and not join any party. Not just MLAs, there are councillors —  chairmen and deputy chairmen — who will be part of our front. The name of the front will be decided at night,” Binny said.

Their demands include 700 litres of free water to households without the 10 per cent surcharge if additional water is consumed, formation of Mahila Suraksha Dals immediately, opening investigations against those allegedly involved in the CWG scam and the chief minister fulfilling his promise to waive electricity and water bills, and roll back the surcharge on electricity.


Flanked by Shokeen and Iqbal, Binny said they will stop supporting the government if the demands were not met. “This government has turned a deaf ear to the grievances of the public. Whoever points this out is treated as an enemy. Keeping away corrupt politicians from Parliament is a responsibility that we have to fulfil. Similarly, we need to keep ‘liars’ away from the government as well. The AAP government has misled people. They are not interested in running the government,” Binny alleged.
Asked if the government was in danger, Iqbal said, “No doubt this government is in danger.”

Shokeen alleged that villages in his Mundka constituency were still parched. “I am willing to pay money if they get water supply, but they haven’t,” he said.

Criticising Kejriwal’s claim of giving 50 per cent rebate on electricity bills, Shokeen said, “I too can make similar promises and, after becoming the CM, if I tell you that the rebate will only be on a few units and the rest will be charged as per the existing rate, then it means I have misled the voters.”