Artwork by Delhi residents adds colour to Lodhi Gardens

Event,organised by Delhi Street Art,has a simple aim — to add more colour to the garden.

Written by Shikha Sharma | New Delhi | Published: November 19, 2013 2:29:15 am

Drishti Vij had gone to Lodhi Gardens for an afternoon stroll with her friends,like she does on most weekends. That was until she found a couple of students painting a trashcan with pictures of sparrows. “So we asked the children and they told us we could do it too. Now,here,we are painting our own masterpiece,” she says.

Vij was among the many people who had gone to spend a casual day at the park,but ended up creating their own artwork on the garden’s many dustbins. The event,organised by Delhi Street Art,has a simple aim — to add more colour to the garden by turning its dustbins into canvasses of public art.

“I was at the gardens for my morning run,when I saw authorities replacing the old dustbins with identical ones. I didn’t understand the point of the exercise. And then it struck me — why not do something interesting with the bins?” Yogesh Saini,the man behind the project,said. “So I morphed art I downloaded from the internet on the bins and took the pictures to the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC). The project director liked the idea and obtained all permissions for the project the same day itself — and that’s how we got started,” he says.

O P Mishra,Project Director,NDMC,says,“We started out with the park,but now we are thinking of expanding it to other things too. We may now look at walls,subways,Metro pillars. The idea is to involve the citizens too so they feel a sense of ownership.”

So far the outfit has conducted the event thrice — on September 14,21 and November 16 — and painted 90 bins. While Saini had provided the material to paint for the first event,NDMC has been helping him with the logistics since the second event.

“By and large,the artists have the freedom to paint whatever they want as long as they keep away from controversial stuff. So,from frogs to spaceships,you’ll find everything painted on the bins,” Saini says.

From accomplished artists to casual strollers,school children to working couples,everyone who registered for the event shared one thing — a love for art. “It is not just for the artists. Anyone who feels like picking up the palette is free to paint. What’s more,you can sign your work too,” Drishti,a college student,says

For Virendra Kumar,painter and artist,it is another place to showcase his talent. “This is the true liberation of art. It is nice to finally see art in a public place,” Kumar,who came down with his wife and two daughters for the event,says.

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