Aoki in Wonderland

Aoki in Wonderland

American DJ Steve Aoki’s debut gig in India promises a dose of hardcore electronica.

American DJ Steve Aoki’s debut gig in India promises a dose of hardcore electronica

here’s something about Steve Aoki that sets him apart from the rest of the DJs in the international music community. Yes,his dark electronic dance music (EDM) tracks stand out for being borderline psychedelic but that’s not all. It’s the 34-year-old American DJ himself who makes things so interesting at his gigs — there are times he tears his shirt,pops open a bottle of champagne and sprays it at the audience,screams in the microphone and dances in front of the console with his fans. There’s not a single dull moment at an Aoki gig.

On October 6,the electro-house DJ will perform at Kitty Su,The Lalit,Delhi,and on October 7 at Kitty Su’s Pleasure Dome,The Lalit,Mumbai. “I am very excited to come to India since it will be my first time here. I love Indian food,I love butter chicken,the culture and the people. I am going to explore India and would love to see Taj Mahal,” says Aoki. True to habit,he will also be busy shooting videos during his stay here that will find their way to his YouTube page.

Expect some numbers from his latest solo album,Wonderland,wherein he has collaborated with artistes such as Kid Cudi,Travis Barker,Wynter Gordon and LMFAO. Apart from these numbers,our bet is on his hits such as When the Wind Blows,Forever and I’m in the house.


It was at the age of 19,while he was in a college in California,that Aoki founded Dim Mak,his music label that is now one of the world’s most reputed EDM labels. “I was in a band since I was a teenager and before college,I was already playing music. We were putting up shows in our living room back then,” reminisces Aoki. Since then,he has produced a number of mixes for artistes such as Eminem,Kanye West,Lil Wayne,Bloc Party and Lenny Kravitz,before he came up with Wonderland.

“It took me around three years to finish this album. I decided to make this as an entirely feature-based album,keeping key on the vocals of the musicians by working with diverse vocalists and songwriters,” he says,and adds jokingly,“The next album will take lesser time,I hope.”

Now that he is going to be in India,Aoki is keen to meet Indian artistes,musicians and filmmakers and is also looking for collaborations. “I don’t know anyone in particular in the Indian music industry,so I will be there more for the knowledge and hopefully,the people around can help introduce me to some talent,” he says.