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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

All Things Possible

Even as digital defines an aesthetic trend,the paintbrush finds a place of its own

Written by Vandana Kalra | Published: August 12, 2013 4:33:51 am

The digital revolution brought an end to the dominance of painting. Or did it? In the age of installation art,painting might appear to have lost its culturally privileged status but Rahul Bhattacharya is out to prove that the medium is far from obsolete. The Delhi-based curator has five artists exploring the importance of painting as a platform for post-digital,post-conceptual art — “not as a medium but as practice”.

“Slowly,there is a growing recognition that painting practices are an important contributing agency in shaping new cultural directions. These new directions in taste and cultural archaeological positions disturb the meaning of ‘new media’ by opening doors for old media to stand as a vanguard act,” says Bhattacharya.

Depicting the concept in colour are five artists — Ashim Purkayastha,Jagannath Panda,Muktinath Mondal,Nataraj Sharma and Rekha Rodwittiya — whose works feature in the exhibition “The Possibility of Being” that is on at Exhibit 320.

Rodwittiya,who is best known for her feminine figures in bold shades,has painted in watercolour over autobiographical images. “The female body becomes a territory that holds my imprint and,by virtue of my own rootedness within an ancestry of womanhood,the stories of a collective space of belonging are also evoked. The autobiographical imagery becomes insignias of a wider interpretation in which the self and the other are equally held as consequential,” says the Baroda-based artist.

Sharma paints his abstracts on board while Panda has bunches of green bushes spread across his acrylic,complete with human figures.

Mondal opts for a more rooted depiction in his acrylic on pedestal. Resting her hands on a cow,a woman dressed in plain clothes wears a restful smile in the work that resonates with religious symbols,from a tulsi plant and a rangoli to a chime. “We name our girl children after goddesses,trying to elevate their position in society. Through the work,I have showcased what is real and can be explained through mythology. It’s the link between myth,belief and reality and,therefore,the possibility of being,” he says.

The exhibition is on at

Exhibit 320 till September 30. Contact: 46130637

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