Alcohol Anonymous

Alcohol Anonymous

At India's first shot bar,spirits run high,both in food and drinks

For the past couple of months,He Said,She Said has been beckoning passers-by with its incandescently neon colour scheme and echoing music. Touted to be India’s first shot bar,the place sees a regular stream of people (college students and older) trooping in and weaving out. At quarter a century,we felt these youthful shenanigans beyond us and never indulged the restaurant with more than a wistful glance. After a week’s schizophrenic weather,however,some colourful indiscretion seemed just the ticket and a gloomy weekday saw us entering He Said,She Said’s lurid environs.

The shot menu is the size of a film poster with a stimulating cast of characters. Shots range from the flaming variety to alcohol-soaked ice cream and a motley choice in between. With base spirits ranging from liqueurs and tequila to an entire wavy spectrum of alcohol in between,the management is clearly not a big supporter of “don’t mix your drinks”. Though the shots menu clearly hogs one’s attention,there is also a drinks as well as a food menu. Caveat to those looking to line their stomachs with some solids prior to their liquid intake: most of the dishes are as doused in alcohol as one’s table will be at the end of the meal.

After a long and arduous debate between an Aamasutra and an Aam Panna (it is summer after all),we end up parched but with a decided cast list of shots. These ranged from the standard (Berry Berry Nice — berries with a vodka base) to the innovative (Delhi 6 — flavours of Delhi with a vodka base) to the plain frivolous (We don’t Know — a kind of drinks roulette,different every time). As an afterthought — this is a bar after all — we decide to order some food,a Jhoomta Jhinga (how can one not) and Mary had a Crispy Lamb (which appeals to our macabre sensibilities).

The shots appear and disappear just as fast. Constructed in a rather superior manner,they manage to deliver what they promise. So Delhi 6 is redolent with the flavours of chuski and gol gappas (with a spiky undertone) while the two shots of We don’t Know are as different as peas and carrots,though equally potent.

In the middle of this dipsomanic downpour,the food turns up,and to our surprise,is rather superlative. Mary’s Lamb,finished in a rum soy sauce is far crisper than the nursery rhyme,and more delicious than pets have a right to be. The prawns,cooked in whiskey and chilli,have a smoky tandoor flavour and is a poster child for fusion foods. Deciding there’s life in this old dog yet,we intend to come back and drink,er eat,our way across the menu.

Meal for two: Rs 2,000 (inclusive of taxes,with alcohol)

Address: 31,First Floor,Hauz Khas


Contact: 9560220008