‘After two warnings for late delivery,salary was cut the third time’

She worked for a leading pizza chain in the city until last year. After two ‘minor accidents’,the 29-year-old decided to quit the job.

Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: March 22, 2012 4:21:49 am

Why did you quit?

It was a high risk job. We were constantly on the road and the remuneration was poor. I was earning only Rs 5,500. The accidents were the tipping point. I was badly bruised when another bike hit me,but I could not take leave for 2-3 days. We were always under extreme pressure to deliver on time,and then run back to office for the next delivery

If the delivery was late,what were the consequences?

There was nothing official about this in my contract. They used to give warnings if we delivered late two times a month. For the third late delivery,the pizza amount was deducted from the salary. We were usually told half an hour before delivery,and sometimes it is just not possible to deliver in that time. I’ve had bad months,when almost half my salary went in these deductions.

Did any of your colleagues meet with an accident?

Small accidents are common,everyday people would come with scratches or bruises. I saw two persons with fractures in legs and one with a severe neck injury. For small accidents,employees would go to the hospital on their own. I have not heard of anyone being compensated for treatment. I have friends in other South Delhi chains — one recently suffered a fracture in his arm. He was not allowed even a week’s leave.

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