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About Gosling,Cola and Indo-Pak

The Viral Hits of The Week

Fizzy Feeling

The new Coca Cola ad campaign video is warm and fuzzy brimming with Indo-Pak feel-goodness. It shuttles between sights and sounds of Lahore and Delhi,where we see the citizens voicing similar opinions about each other. From its shopping malls to old cities,it connects people of both countries,showing how similar they are,without government policies and peace talks. It later shows its newly designed vending machines,to be launched in both countries,that will enable anyone from either side to connect with each other.

Cereal Fan

Ryan Gosling is a hit everywhere. After one terrific turn after another in films such as The Place Beyond the Pines and Drive,the Hollywood star has now got a fan made meme/ video that tries to feed him cereals. It assembles selected scenes from all of Gosling’s films that show his face turning away from the camera,giving the impression that he is refusing cereals.

Gangs of Spoof

Online television Viral Fever is back with the second part of their spoof on Gangs of Wasseypur. Gangs of Social Media 2,takes off from where it left,continuing its hilarious imagining of wars on Facebook that runs through generations of Qureshis and Khans in erstwhile Bihar. This time,taking a dig on the ongoing IPL.