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Aarushi,Hemraj attacked in bedroom: Forensic officer

I found that no ‘outsider’ could have committed the crime,says officer.

Appearing as a prosecution witness in a Ghaziabad court where dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar are being tried for the 2008 murder of their daughter Aarushi and domestic help Hemraj,Dr Mohinder Singh Dahiya,Director of the Institute of Forensic Science,Gujarat Forensic Sciences University,claimed that the victims were attacked in Aarushi’s bedroom.

Dahiya,who had been asked by the CBI to prepare a report in 2009,said: “I found that no ‘outsider’ could have committed the crime.”

“My findings show that the cuts on the neck of both victims were made post death. I also found during my examination of the scene that both Aarushi and Hemraj were attacked on the head by a golf club. After he was killed,Hemraj’s body was dragged to the terrace where his throat was slit,” Dahiya told the court.

“The cuts on the neck extended from one ear to the back of the neck on both victims. If the person was living when the cuts were made,there would have been arterial spurt of blood,none of which was present either in the bedroom or the terrace. Both the victims had their necks slit while they were in a horizontal position. There was also no signs of resistance from either Aarushi or Hemraj,” he said.

The next hearing is on April 11.