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AAP gets six lakh responses on govt formation,but silent on yes or no

AAP to hold jan sabhas over weekend for public opinion on govt formation with Cong support.

The jan sabhas,which the Aam Aadmi Party intends to hold to seek public opinion on whether the party should form a government in Delhi with Congress’s support,has been scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.

On December 17,in an open letter to residents of Delhi,Kejriwal had said the party found itself in “dharam sankat” on the question of forming government with support from the Congress. He also asked residents to register their opinion via SMSes,calls and on the web.

The AAP leader had also announced that jan sabhas would be organised in all wards and Assembly constituencies,where opinion would be collated to help the party come to a decision.

Senior party officials said,“Close to 25 lakh copies are being made of the letter that Arvindji wrote…,and they are in the process of being distributed. While phone lines have been opened,we wanted to keep the jan sabhas for the weekend,because we want people to read the letter and then make a decision. Volunteers have been instructed to leave no area untouched in the dissemination of the letter.”


Party members said the jan sabhas had been scheduled for the weekend to ensure maximum participation from the city.

“This is the first time participatory politics have been extended to the people. They will be asked to decide if a government should be formed at all. We want as many involved in the process as possible,” AAP members said.

Sources in the party said the number of responses that AAP had received so far through messages,calls and on the web had crossed six lakh. “A majority of that number is through messages,” a source said. By the night of December 17,the number was close to 3.5 lakh.

On social media platforms,it was a split verdict.

While one person posted,“No,don’t take the support,it is a trap,there are no free lunches,” another said,“YES — take the support and keep it transparent. Insist on sharing every detail with the public and keep it clean.”