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AAP backs Imran Hussain, says Congress claims false, baseless

“I am open for a CBI probe and Maken should also be probed."

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Photo- Youtube screengrab from the video uploaded by Indian National Congress

Even as yet another minister from Arvind Kejriwal’s cabinet, Imran Hussain, was accused of corruption by the Congress party that released video footage of a sting operation, the party stood by the minister dismissing the allegations as false and baseless.

After running a quick background check on the video and speaking to its workers as well as Hussain, the party said it was convinced that the sting operation appeared “fake”.


“I do not even know the people who are there in the sting operation, let alone them being related to me. I think Ajay Maken has taken money for making the allegations and the onus should be on him to prove the authenticity of the footage. If the authenticity of the video is proven, I am ready to step down from politics forever and if it is not then Maken should quit politics altogether,” Hussain told The Indian Express.

“I am open for a CBI probe and Maken should also be probed. Those in the video might be residents in my constituency but it does not feature my brother, nephew or staff. If any of them were part of it, I would personally drag them to jail,” he added.

Unlike the last incident involving cabinet minister Asim Ahmad Khan, where the party sacked him on live television, Hussain found implicit support from the party leadership.