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Saturday, May 21, 2022

Aam Aadmi Partying

Now that Kejriwal and his merrymen have got the attention of Delhi’s elite,here’s a little guide for the party,at a party

Written by FAHAD SAMAR |
December 20, 2013 12:28:22 am

2013 will go down as the year when the Aam Aadmi Party came into its own,surprising supporters and naysayers alike with an admirable showing at the polls. No matter if their broom did not manage to make a clean sweep,at least they succeeded in shaking up Sheila Dixit’s dusty Delhi.

Now,all eyes are on Messrs. Kejriwal and Co to see if they are willing to get their hands dirty and embark on the challenge of cleaning the Augean stables.

If the AAP does form a government there will be plenty to celebrate for those that gave them their vote. The inhabitants of Lutyen’s Delhi are no strangers to partying and do it with gusto throughout the year. But one must spare a thought for the common man who remains unversed in the finer nuances of frolicking with bells on.

Here then is a ready reckoner to party etiquette for the aam aadmi:

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NEVER BE PUNCTUAL: It is the mark of a seriously clueless wannabe to arrive on time at a party in Delhi. Unless you are a foreign diplomat,it is advisable to present yourself at your host’s doorsteps a good couple of hours after the stipulated invitation time. If you make the error of arriving punctually you will probably be asked to enter by the service entrance along with the waiters,caterers and bartenders who also make it a point to arrive fashionably late,secure in the knowledge that no one,including the host,is going to make an appearance till well after 10 pm.

BRING A GIFT: It is considered good form to bring a gift. A bottle of wine or a book is always appreciated. Unless your host is a teetotaler and/or an illiterate. In which case,send a bouquet or a potted plant the next morning. Please do not enter with a large garland of marigold flowers,as there is every likelihood you will be mistaken for a florist’s flunkey and intercepted at the entrance by security.

ONLY AIRKISS: Under no circumstances should you ever slobber a wet kiss on your gracious hostesses perfectly rouged cheeks. Remember it is infinitely more hygienic to air kiss a good three inches away from the face of any guest as this will help avoid them getting a whiff of the highly fragrant garlic tangdi kababs you have just walloped. Always carry a mouth freshener and discreetly spritz yourself to avoid assaulting the olfactory senses of assembled invitees.

DON’T BE A SOCIAL MOUNTAINEER: Whilst networking at a party can be both pleasurable and even profitable in the long run,please do not make a nuisance by manifesting yourself as a social climber. It is in poor taste to take pictures of your self with celebrity guests and complete anathema to post them on Facebook the same night. And for God’s sake,please do not tweet from a party,breathlessly updating your two and a half followers about who just did what. All this is best left to arrivistes like Mallika Sherawat,who has monopolized the market on self-promotion.

BE DISCERNING: As we have already established,the party never really stops in India. Invitations to countless events abound but it is by no means mandatory to enthusiastically attend every bash you are invited to. Ration your presence at parties and create an aura of discernment about yourself. Less is more. It is far better to be perceived as a rare,exotic species rather than a common,garden-variety party animal.

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