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Friday, February 21, 2020

A year on, AAP manifesto expands on some promises, forgets others

The 2015 manifesto does not promise that the Bill will be passed in the first 15 days of an AAP government like in 2013.

Written by Dipankar Ghose | New Delhi | Updated: February 5, 2015 3:33:40 am

A close comparison of the AAP’s manifesto for the 2015 Delhi Assembly polls to the one that was presented by it in November 2013 have revealed some changes on issues such as minorities, the Jan Lokpal Bill, and promises of austerity.

The 2015 manifesto is longer, expansive and has new subjects — such as WiFi and promises to e-rickshaw drivers. Some of the clauses in the old one have been elaborated on in the 2105 manifesto, while others have been deleted.

For instance, while the 2013 manifesto had a section titled “Peace, Justice and Equality for Muslims”, the 2015 section is called “Peace, Justice and Equality for Minorities.” The first clause in the earlier manifesto under this section had the promise, “Ensure that fake encounters and false cases against Muslim youth shall end.” This, however, finds no mention in the new manifesto.

The Jan Lokpal Bill, too, has undergone a change with an additional clause finding mention in the 2015 manifesto. It states, “Public officials of Delhi will be required to furnish an annual declaration of assets. Any undeclared assets will confiscated.”

Interestingly, the section in the 2015 manifesto does not promise that the Bill will be passed in the first 15 days of an AAP government like in 2013.

However, in the section — “Protecting the Common Man from Rising Prices” — the new manifesto again reverts to a time frame, and says, “Within 15 days of coming to power, our government will enforce the Jan Lokpal Act to control corruption strictly and effectively. As corruption reduces, cost of living will also come down effectively.”

With the party having faced many questions on issues of security and bungalows for MLAs, the 2015 manifesto spells out how MLAs will behave once elected.

The section says, “All 70 candidates of our party have signed affidavits regarding the following to ensure that there are no barriers between the aam aadmi and their elected representatives. No MLA will travel in a red-beacon car. No MLA will live in an expansive government bungalow. If necessary, only a small government house will be allotted. No MLA will take excessive police security.”

An AAP spokesperson said, “There are bound to have been some changes. For instance, we realised that we could not make promises where matters could be sub judice. Also, we have learnt many things over the past year and these have been incorporated.”

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