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Monday, July 16, 2018

A Woman’s World

Seven performance artistes from different countries question the meaning of womanhood through their piece titled Kindling

Written by Pallavi Pundir | New Delhi | Published: June 27, 2013 4:53:28 am

When seven dancers from five countries got together to create a piece on womanhood,the initial outcome was inevitable. “There was confusion,” says Israeli choreographer Shaked Dagan. “This very confusion is the essence of our collaboration,Kindling.”

The 26-year-old spearheads what she calls the “2nd Home-India project” in Himachal Pradesh — “a place where local and foreign artistes of different backgrounds live together,influence one another and be influenced” — along with six other performance artistes such as Keren Bossin from Israel,Monika Smekot from Poland,and Carson Reiners from the US. Kindling,an hour-long piece,is an offshoot of this project,a contemporary piece that will be performed in the Capital today.

A project that has been in the making for three months,Kindling is a response to the flurry of news coverage on violence against women in India. The piece doesn’t take on a political aspect but focuses on each dancer’s personal stories,memories and emotions. “The dance weaves these individual experiences into a collage with original live music and monologues,” says Dagan. These episodes are

expressed in a non-linear,abstract structure. “There are aspects we’ve been trying to research. What is a woman? Each performer’s perceptions of womanhood differed from the other’s,” says Dagan.

Dagan’s own story in Kindling explores the idea of birth and how it is a non-negotiable aspect for a woman,while dancer Kaeridwyn Newman from Canada reveals the experiences of a girl,who is growing up without a mother. One of the pieces has six dancers circling the seventh,hurling questions at her about her actions,thoughts and opinions,to depict how a woman is constantly under the social scanner.

Dagan recalls her initial

response to news about women’s abuse in India. “This was shocking for me and I came to understand that such violence is common in this country. It was possibly less reported before the Delhi gang rape. I thought of doing something that would send out a message of unity and equality for women across the country,” she says.

She uploaded a video urging women performance artistes from all over the world to collaborate with her,and shortlisted the six dancers she is working with.

Kindling will be performed today at Epicentre at 7.30 pm.

Contact: 0124-2715000

Entry: Rs 200 at It will be staged at IHC on June 28. Entry is free. Contact: 24682001

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