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Saturday, November 27, 2021

A family get-together at an orphanage

Quest organised a visit to Holy Family Asha Nivas, for students of St Francis De Sales School, Janakpuri

By: Express News Service | New Delhi |
Updated: January 19, 2015 12:00:49 am
Students of St Francis De Sales School at Holy Family Asha Nivas Students of St Francis De Sales School at Holy Family Asha Nivas

Holy Family Asha Nivas belongs to the congregation of the Holy Family which was founded by Mother Mariam Thresia in 1914. Since then, it is serving as a ray of hope for street girls. The nuns of the congregation have undertaken a project for shelter, education and rehabilitation of street girls in the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

Holy Family Asha Nivas offers help for neglected and unwanted girls between the age group of four and 18 years. It believes that these girls are also children of God and are entitled to equal chances for growth. To make the children feel that they are not deprived, it organises various functions for them from time to time. The mission of the organisation is to provide a meaningful life for every girl and participate in their integral development.

My visit to the orphanage was very inspiring. It taught me the true essence of caring and sharing. It made me realise the importance of self-motivation in life. The girls made me feel that we are living in a world of superficial charm. Real happiness was what I experienced during my visit there. They welcomed us whole-heartedly. At first, when we were planning to go to the orphanage, I felt really sad thinking about the children there. But the visit transformed my whole perception into a positive one.

Seeing those girls living there together taught me a great lesson. We gave them socks and caps and the smiles on their faces as they said ‘thank you’ is a memory which is unforgettable. At the end when we were going to leave, those children requested us to visit them again and also exchanged phone numbers with us. The visit actually gave me a new vision and definition of life. This day was surely one of the most touching experiences I have ever had. I was so overwhelmed that I decided to celebrate my next birthday with those beautiful souls. –Kritika Chhabra

To start with, we introduced ourselves to each other and had a merry time playing with them. Next we planned a card-making competition and distributed ourselves within several groups and provided them with sheets, coloured pens and glitters. Everyone was supposed to make cards in relevance to the Christmas celebrations. Their talent and creativity was well expounded with beautiful cards. Then as a token of grace, they gave the cards to us, the sister in charge of the house, Sr Lilly Chirayath and our teacher. The most zestful part of the visit was to dance with them. Their smiles were flawless and souls absolutely gracious. We all settled down on the carpets outside and enjoyed the hot burgers. Their love proved to be inexplicable when they gifted us beautiful roses made out of tissue papers. We also sang Christmas carols with them. –Navdha Singh

To be honest, before paying a visit to the orphanage, I took it as a picnic with friends and looked forward for some fun. But, while I was capturing those moments all of us spent with them, I could feel the true happiness. I was amazed at their talents and friendly approach. Though some of them were among the most underprivileged children, they were happy and more than that, they were contented with what they had. I could feel the hardships they had gone through. I personally don’t like to dance, but seeing them enjoying with my friends I could see that there was a big fat smile on my face. It is the best experience of my life till date. –Rakshit Sachdev

On December 22, the senior prefects of the Student Leadership Squad 2014-15 of St Francis De Sales School got the opportunity to visit the Holy Family Orphanage for girls in Mahavir Enclave. As we entered their mini world, they welcomed us with their pleasing faces looking forward to spend a good afternoon with new friends. We sang songs not just for them, but with them. We organised a card-making competition in which they skillfully displayed their artistic talents. Many of them wrote beautiful lines on how thankful they were to have us amidst them. Their amicable nature touched us deeply. They could find happiness in this world despite all the misfortunes they had faced. –Namita Nair

It was my first visit to an orphanage and it has really given me an experience of a lifetime. Seeing the children over there, I felt sad at first, because they were living without parents, which was really heart-touching. I cannot imagine my life without parents but I had a live example in front of me, which affected me the most. I really feel so blessed and fortunate to have them. Actually, this visit instilled in me the value of never taking things for granted in life. We should thank God, who has blessed us with the invaluable gift of family and we should value it the most. I feel so privileged to be a part of such a life-changing experience.-Isha Ahuja

Nothing can satisfy a person more than bringing a smile on the face of the less-fortunate people. Even a small contribution makes a big difference. I now realise the worth of a loving family and an amiable group of friends and I feel privileged after this experience. The excitement on the faces of the girls of the orphanage brought a sense of relief and this excitement was due to their newly owned socks and caps along with the hearty meal they shared with us. It was astonishing as well as wonderful to see a plethora of talents in these young people. They made me realise that the true happiness hidden in these experiences outweigh the pleasures of materialistic possession. –Sukriti Madan

The visit was an unforgettable experience. I feel fortunate and privileged to have visited the home. I was touched by the feeling of humanity in the way they helped each other. Their humble nature left a deep imprint on me. I was deeply impressed by their magnanimity. Even though they don’t have parents, there were no signs of sadness or hopelessness in their eyes. In fact, they embraced us with open arms. I felt like I was in a family get-together. The thing which made the deepest mark on me was the amount of love they had for each other. It was heavenly indeed. Their selfless actions made us wonder, do we find such love elsewhere? The trip to the orphanage was not just a ‘visit’ but a ‘family get-together’ — a meeting which taught me the most amazing things of life. –Aneesh Dua

The term ‘visit’ is just too small to express our happiness and contentment. For me, it was a wonderful experience underlining the basic fact that positive surroundings such as these are a treat to one’s mind and inner self. Situated in a concave dimension, the place boasts merriness. Adding to the experience was the soothing music with a creative cardmaking session. Moreover, dancing was never so fun with so many wonderful dancers matching their beats with the rock music. All the dancing, singing and painting gave us a memorable experience but the happiness attained by doing something for someone cannot be expressed. I hope to visit them again. –Vishesh Agnihotri

It was a very rejoicing experience and one to cherish, when we went to the Holy Family Orphanage. We took part in a card-making activity, in which we, along with all those little angels, shared cards. It was very nice to receive their cards, which was a clear sign of their love and gratitude towards us. It was an amazing experience and we enjoyed putting a smile on their faces. –Kapeesh Shukla

To reach out to the needy and to see a life yet unseen stirs in me some of the most overwhelming emotions. At the orphanage, we all introduced ourselves, they introduced themselves and soon we became friends with them. The moments spent there have given me some of the most treasured memories, some of the loveliest thoughts and a perspective of life I had never seen. –Guneet Popli

The thought of shattered homes, heart-rending plights of children and a life of suffering usually comes into one’s mind when we think of orphans. But Holy Family Orphanage showed no signs of the children being said. When we entered the orphanage and got a glimpse of the bright faces of the girls and saw their eyes shining in excitement, we were struck quite pleasantly by the strong positive vibes in the room. It was indeed an enriching experience to realise that people do smile in the darkest of all days. It taught us that happiness can be found even in the darkest of places if one remembers to turn on the light. –Ayushi Garg

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