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‘A brilliant son, an even better human being’

A day after, Sumedh Prasad’s parents have few answers as to why their gifted son chose to end his life.

“Mom, Dad, I’m really sorry. You deserved a better son. But please let me go. I’m sorry,” read Sumedh Prasad’s suicide note. He probably didn’t realise just how proud his parents were of him.

A day after his 27-year-old son jumped to his death from the 13th floor of their apartment complex in Gurgaon, Surinder Prasad has only this to say. “He was a brilliant son, and an even better human being.”

Sumedh’s devastated parents are still trying to find an answer as to what triggered the tragic  step.

A budding violinist, photographer, blogger and a chess player, Sumedh was gifted, his friends said. “He was an artistic person and that made him extremely sensitive. It is difficult to say what he went through at that time,” Surinder, a retired professor of IIT-Delhi, said. “Maybe, he was going through a low,” he added after a pause.


Sumedh’s emotive side is very evident on his blog. “Life. A simple reality. A complex implementation. An amalgamation of beauty and pain, laughter & tears, wastefulness & creativity…”read Sumedh’s blog, Dripping Vanilla.

“Sumedh was also exceptionally intelligent. But, his inclination towards music was what kept him going,” Siddharth Vaderaa, a composer who joined Sumedh on his musical journey two years ago, said. “He was in a phase of depression,” he added.

An exceptional chess player, Sumedh often thought Delhi was not a conducive place for an artist to grow, his friend said.

Surya Prakash, the guard at Parsavnath Exotica on Golf Course Road in Sector 53, where Sumedh lived, was the first to see his body. “I heard a loud noise. I went out thinking monkeys had come. That’s when I saw the body,” he said.

Sumedh often spoke of after life and was well-versed in the Upanishads, his friend said. The last post on his blog page seemed to echo this. “Sumedh Prasad, will be back shortly,” it read.