30,000 duped in credit card fraud,1 heldhttps://indianexpress.com/article/cities/delhi/30-000-duped-in-credit-card-fraud-1-held/

30,000 duped in credit card fraud,1 held

He posed as bank employee,sought card details on pretext of ‘unauthorised’ transactions

A 31-year-old man from Mumbai was arrested on charges of duping over 30,000 ICICI Bank credit card holders. He would reportedly posed as an ICICI Bank employee and call up customers,informing them of unauthorised credit card transactions. He would then ask the customers to reveal their credit card details and defraud them.

Raju Tevar is a native of Ambarnath,near Mumbai. He has studied only till Class VII and learnt to use computers from a friend,Zakir. Police are probing Zakir involvement in the fraud.

Raju had allegedly transferred details of 4,500 customers from Zakir’s laptop. Zakir’s relative is an employee of ICICI Bank and police are now probing the involvement of other bank employees. Raju is believed to have defrauded ICICI Bank customers of Rs 2 crore,police said.

“The arrest was made after a complaint from a journalist,who claimed that she got a call from a man who told her that an online transaction had been made from her credit card. He asked for her card details and said that he would block the card. Assuming that the caller was an employee of the bank,she gave her details. Within minutes,Rs 44,911 had been spent on her card,” DCP (New Delhi) SBS Tyagi said.


In April 2013,a that team was sent to Mumbai to investigate transaction trail. The team traced Raju to Palghar near Mumbai,where he had struck a deal with a shopkeeper to pay electricity bills with credit cards. People would give the shopkeeper cash and ask him to pay their electricity bill. Raju would pay the bills online,and give the shopkeeper a commission in return for the cash.

The shopkeeper told the police that Raju’s photograph would be available on Facebook,since he was asked to contact Raju only through the social networking site.

An officer said: “While blocking the credits cards when Raju kept customer on hold,he played the ICICI caller tune,which he had copied to his phone. He would change the credit card PIN and within seconds,a transaction would be made from the customers’ account.”