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2 women raped during ride home from pub in Gurgaon

5 of 7 men held; the women,who are married and are in their 20s,know each other.

Two women who went pub-hopping in Gurgaon were allegedly gangraped after being offered a ride home in a car from MG Road past midnight Wednesday.

Police said the women alleged that they were raped by two men who boarded the car after it stopped on the Gurgaon-Faridabad road. Later,four other men showed up in another car.

Five of the seven men have been arrested and one car seized. Police said all seven men live in Nathupur S Block in DLF City Phase 3 and drive taxis hired by companies to ferry staff.

Gurgaon Police Commissioner Alok Mittal said: “Seven men are involved in this case. The women have alleged that two men raped them. We have arrested five of the seven accused,one from a Toyota Altis and four who were in a white Indica.”


The women,who are married and are in their 20s,know each other. They told police they were pub-hopping on Wednesday night.

According to Mittal,the women first went to the Empire on MG Road and then took an autorickshaw to Club 18. They couldn’t get entry there,so they decided to take a taxi home. When they couldn’t find a taxi,they asked the driver of the Altis to drop them home in Delhi and told him they would pay Rs 300,Mittal said.

According to Mittal,there are two versions of the incident. One of the women alleged that they were raped in the Altis. But the arrested men told police that they stopped at some point on the road to Faridabad where the women were raped. The men also claimed that they had met the two women last Saturday and were meeting them again on Wednesday night .

“We are investigating the claims made by both sides. We hope to find out if more than two men were involved in the act,whether the women were raped in the car or outside,” Mittal said.

He said one of the women said that the Altis driver took them to the Gurgaon-Faridabad road where two of his friends were waiting. When the car stopped,the men got in and each raped a woman while the Altis moved towards Faridabad. The woman also told police that the men then called four others who showed up in an Indica.

Maheshwar Dayal,DCP (East),said: “When the Indica showed up,one of the women got out of the Altis saying she had to urinate. She ran to a guard nearby,took his mobile phone and called the police control room at 2.15 am. A police team rushed to the spot but by then the men had fled. One of the women has physical injuries such as bite marks.”