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14-year-old takes on robbers,no one comes to his help

Stirring the Shahi Paneer at his father’s dhaba along the GT Karnal Road in Alipur,the 14-year-old yells at others to speed up service.

Stirring the Shahi Paneer at his father’s dhaba along the GT Karnal Road in Alipur,the 14-year-old yells at others to speed up service. But they don’t seem to mind. Because sales have suddenly shot up as people crowd the dhaba to look at the Class X student who became a local hero over the weekend.

On Saturday morning,the boy single-handedly fought two youths after they robbed two petrol pump employees of nearly Rs 14 lakh while they were on their way to deposit the week’s earnings in a neighbourhood bank.

Two days later,the boy’s only regret is that the robbers got away. “They were such cowards,they put a gun to my head. They realised they were no match for me,” he said.

A boxing enthusiast,he has been training at champion wrestler Sushil Kumar’s Khel Parisar stadium in Alipur since 2009. Tucked away behind his “work station” at the dhaba is an ensemble of his achievements in the ring. A trophy,for securing second place at the First Delhi State Thai Boxing Championship,and 10-12 medals,from state and zonal sporting events,in kickboxing,boxing and Thai boxing.


On Saturday morning,the boy was returning from Chandni Chowk with one of the cooks at the dhaba. Stepping off a bus at the Alipur stand,the two were walking home when the boy spotted two employees of a petrol pump on the highway. They were on a scooter,and were speeding. Giving them chase were two men on a black motorcycle.

“I recognised the petrol pump employees because they have lunch at our dhaba everyday. When I saw the bike chasing them,I suspected something fishy,” he said. And then the motorcycle rammed the scooter.

“I ran across the road without thinking. The man driving the scooter had fallen down and the two goons were trying to snatch a bag from the man riding pillion. I had no idea that there was so much money in the bag,” he said.

The teenager then ran to the spot where the struggle was underway. He pushed one of them and pinned the other to the ground.

“I pinned down one of his arms,and had him by the neck. I kept calling for help,but even our dhaba employee,who was standing across the road,did not hear me. No one came,” he said. By then,the other person put a gun to his head. “The gun was so cold. I noticed that another bike with three men had showed up. All of them were shouting at the man with the gun,telling him to pull the trigger,” the boy recalled.

“Left with no choice,” he ran for his life. “I hid behind some trees across the road. I saw the youths snatch the bag and speed away towards Haryana. But if they had tried to harm the men from the petrol pump,I would have gone back.”

The dhaba employee who accompanied the boy said he had “no idea what was going on”. “I thought he had run across to meet his friends. If only I had known that the boy needed my help…” the 45-year-old said.

A police officer said a case of robbery has been registered but no arrest has been made so far.