138 vehicles parked outside MP quarters belong to kin: Copshttps://indianexpress.com/article/cities/delhi/138-vehicles-parked-outside-mp-quarters-belong-to-kin-cops/

138 vehicles parked outside MP quarters belong to kin: Cops

Police survey after MPs complained cars of ‘outsiders’ were being parked outside their North Avenue homes.

The Delhi Police has intimated the Parliamentary Housing Committee regarding 138 vehicles that are permanently parked outside the quarters of Members of Parliament in North Avenue. Police claimed that these vehicles were owned by individuals who had given them to the MPs for their use.

The survey was conducted after several parliamentarians complained that vehicles that did not belong to them were frequently found parked outside their bungalows. They alleged that these vehicles,which belonged to “outsiders”,were found parked in the area at night.

According to police sources,the housing committee then asked the Delhi Police to prepare a list of the vehicles and submit it to the committee.

A senior police officer said,“The MPs had been complaining about the unidentified vehicles parked outside their houses for a long time. They wanted the vehicles to be removed since there was no parking space available for their own vehicles.”


A police team visited the houses and chalked out a list of all those cars in the area that did not belong to the parliamentarians and submitted it to the committee. The vehicles that figure on the list include Toyota Fortuners,BMWs and other high-end vehicles,police said.

Police sources said after the list was submitted,the committee directed them to record the ownership details of each vehicle.

Police said when they wrote to the owners for details,it was found that many of the vehicles were registered in the names of the family members of the MPs,their personal staff or persons known to the parliamentarians. Police said the persons known to the MPs responded saying that the vehicles were parked outside for use by the parliamentarians.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) SBS Tyagi said,“After the survey,we spoke to the parliamentarians. All of them admitted to the fact that the vehicles belonged either to their family members,their personal staff or people they knew. None of the vehicles were found to have been registered in the names of the MPs.”