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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Tamil Nadu Borewell Rescue Highlights: Sujith Wilson dies in borewell; EPS announces Rs. 20 lakh compensation

Sujith Wilson Dead: Final rites of the two-year-old were completed at the Fathima Pudur cemetery near Tiruchirapalli district of Tamil Nadu. Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami, Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam, AIADMK cadre and DMK chief M K Stalin visited Nadukattupatti to pay their respects.

By: Express Web Desk | Chennai | Updated: October 30, 2019 10:09:52 am
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Sujith Wilson, the two-year-old toddler who had fallen down an abandoned borewell near his house in Nadukattupatti near Manapparai in Trichy on October 25 was declared dead early Tuesday morning. Officials conducting the rescue operations had pronounced the child dead after foul smell began emanating from the borewell on Monday night.

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The decomposed and dismembered body of Sujith had been recovered from the borewell shortly after 3 am, following which the body was sent to the Manapparai government hospital for postmortem. The body was later handed over to the parents and buried at a cemetery in Fathima Puthur near Trichy on Tuesday around 8 am.

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Sujith Wilson, a 2-year-old toddler, was declared dead on Monday and his body was recovered from a borewell in Tamil Nadu today. Read live news updates in Tamil, Malayalam, Bangla


    19:55 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actor Aju Varghese offers condolences
    19:44 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Cricketer Harbhajan Singh extends condolences

    Cricketer Harbhajan Singh tweeted his condolences following Sujith's demise. Terming it an 'irreparable tragedy', the cricketer tweeted, "I am feeling bad that I could not do anything. It is not just one life that was taken away but all our self confidence. Henceforth, another life should not be lost like this. Who will comfort his parents? You will always remain in my thoughts son." (sic)

    19:13 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actor Vivek Oberoi offers condolences
    19:06 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    You fought and survived like a warrior: Actor Aadhi

    Kollywood actor Aadhi offered his condolences following Sujith's demise and tweeted, "#Sujithwilson still resides in our hearts." (sic) The actor urged people to stop blaming the government for the child's death and instead, start implementing the change they expect from others. 

    18:46 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actress Yashika Aannand offers her condolences
    18:31 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    'We wanted to rescue Sujith alive but failed': EPS

    Addressing the media after offering condolences to Sujith's parents, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami said that firemen had commenced operations immediately after news of Sujith's fall had reached them. "From around 6 pm on Friday, rescue operations commenced. I sent three AIADMK ministers to Nadukattupatti to supervise the rescue operations. We wanted to rescue the child alive but failed", he said.

    Commenting on DMK chief M K Stalin's allegation that NDRF and SDRF personnel had been roped in late, EPS said, "The rescue operations have been streamed live since Friday. You saw that the government had left no stone unturned in ensuring that Sujith was rescued. NDRF and SDRF personnel who arrived at the site told me that our approach was the right one. We did everything we could do to rescue Sujith alive." EPS announced a compensation of Rs. 10 lakh from the Chief Minister's relief fund and a sum of Rs. 10 lakh from AIADMK to the family.

    18:06 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    EPS, OPS visit Nadukattupatti to pay their last respects

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami and Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam visited Nadukattupatti to pay their respects to Sujith Wilson who was buried at a cemetery in Fathima Puthur in the morning. EPS and OPS offered their condolences to the distraught parents of the toddler in person and garlanded the portrait of Sujith.

    17:43 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    May god give strength to Sujith's family : Actress Keerthi Suresh

    Actress Keerthi Suresh took to Twitter and expressed her condolonces upon Sujith's demise.

    16:17 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    VJ Anjana Rangan offers condolences

    VJ and TV anchor Anjana Rangan offered her condolences following the removal of Sujith's body early Tuesday morning. "This is pure pain. We all love you little fighter #RIPSurjith" (sic) she tweeted.

    16:13 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Director Karthik Subbaraj extends apology to Sujith

    Kollywood director Karthik Subbaraj apologised to Sujith and tweeted "Sorry Sujith..So Painfaul.." (sic).

    16:09 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Anchor Divya Dharshini apologises to Sujith
    16:08 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actress Ramya Subramanian extends condolences
    15:50 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Director Atlee offers condolences

    Kollywood director Atlee offered his condolences to Sujith, whose decomposed body was recovered from the borewell by rescue personnel early Tuesday morning.

    15:40 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actress and AICC member Khushbu Sundar offers her condolences
    15:34 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan extends her condolences

    Telangana governor Dr. Tamilisai Soundararajan extended her condolences upon the demise of the toddler, Sujith and tweeted that the death of the child was extremely painful. "The death of the child has taught the world so many lessons. We should make an effort to ensure that such accidents do not occur henceforth. This was not a normal death and our prayers for his safe return were not in vain", she tweeted.

    15:20 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    'Why weren't the NDRF and army summoned earlier?': Stalin

    DMK president M K Stalin, who visited Nadukattupatti to pay his last respects to the toddler Sujith said that the child could have been rescued sooner when he was stuck at 36 feet. "The NDRF and army should have been summoned as soon as the authorities were notified about the accident. The question here is why were they not summoned earlier",  said Stalin.

    15:11 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Film producer S R Prabhu offers condolences
    14:57 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    RJ Balaji apologises to Sujith

    RJ and Kollywood actor RJ Balaji apologised to Sujith after the two-year-old toddler who had been stuck in an abadoned borewell since Friday was declared dead on Tuesday morning. "Collective failure of all us as it takes yet another life. Sorry Sujith." (sic), he tweeted.

    14:51 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actress Manjima Mohan offers condolences
    14:48 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actress Anjali extends her condolences

    Kollywood actress Anjali offered her condolences and tweeted, "Rest In Peace little Champ, You Will Always Be In Our Heart.." (sic).

    14:44 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Film writer and producer Karthick Naren offers condolences
    14:36 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Rajinikanth offers condolences to Sujith's parents

    Actor turned politican Rajinikanth offered his condolences to Sujith's parents upon the toddler's demise. The superstar tweeted, "The death of Sujith is extremely painful. May the child's soul rest in piece. I extend my heartfelt condolences to Sujith's parents." (sic)

    14:26 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Pon Radhakrishnan extends condolences

    BJP Minister for State, Pon Radhakrishnan offered his condolences to Sujith's family and said, "Let this be the last. I extend my deepest condolences to the family of Sujith and pray that the find the strength to get through this."

    14:11 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actor Prasanna extends his condolences

    Kollywood actor Prasanna offered his condolences to Sujith's parents and tweeted, "High time we learn our lesson. With deep regret #RIPsujith." (sic)

    14:09 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actor Karunakaran extends his condolences
    14:07 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actor Gautham Karthik offers his condolences
    14:06 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actor Manobala apologises to Sujith

    Kollywood actor Manobala apologised to Sujith and tweeted that the government should take Sujith's death as a lesson to be learnt and prevent such accidents in the future.

    14:03 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    A R Murugadoss offers his condolences

    Director A R Murugadoss extended his condolences to the family of Sujith and tweeted, "Really hoping the government will take necessary action to prevent this kind of disaster in future." (sic)

    13:33 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actor Parthiban offers his condolences

    Kollywood actor R Parthiban offered his condolences to Sujith and tweeted, "We came with machines to rescue you and we are going back as machines for our next task. We will be filling a 100-foot pit with our tears". (sic)

    13:25 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actor Krishna extends condolences to Sujith's family
    13:24 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actor Sibi Sathyaraj condemns death of Sujith

    Kollywood actor Sibi Sathyaraj condemned the death of two-year-old Sujith and tweeted that the 'inefficiency of the system was responsible for the loss of innocent lives'. 

    13:19 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Vikram Prabhu apologises to Sujith

    Kollywood actor Vikram Prabhu aplogised to Sujith for his untimely demise and tweeted, "Hope we learn from what has happened." (sic)

    13:15 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Samantha Akkineni apologises to Sujith
    13:13 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Archana Kalpathi offers condolences

    Archana Kalpathi, the CEO of AGS Cinemas offered her condolences and prayed to God to help Sujith's family find the strength to cope with his demise.

    13:10 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    You will live in our minds Sujith': Udhayanidhi Stalin

    DMK youth wing secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin offered his condolences following Sujith's death and tweeted, "You will live in our minds Sujith, go and come. My condolences" (sic).

    Condemning the death of the toddler, Udhayanidhi said that the government should consider Sujith's demise as a wake up call and take action to prevent such incidents in the future.

    12:59 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    We tried our best to save Sujith : CM Edappadi offers his condolences

    Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palanisamy took to Twitter to offer his condolences to two-year-old Sujith Wilson. He said he was heart broke after he heard about Sujith's demise. He also instructed the concerned district collectors to check whether all the borewells are installed with proper guidelines and asked them to initiate strict action against those who fail to adhere to the guidelines. "On Friday, I came to know that toddler Sujith Wilson, son of Britto Arokiyaraj, has fallen into a borewell near his home. I was very upset, I informed ministers Vijaya Baskar, Vellamandi Natrajan, Valarmathi and commissioner for revenue administration J Radhakrishnan to take all the necessary steps to rescue the child alive. Based on my order, the authorities worked day and night to rescue the child. Modern equipment was brought for rescue efforts, but due to the presence of heavy rocks, the drilling process got complicated. Despite, the hurdles, with the help of the experts, we tried to save Sujith. I was heartbroken after I came to know that Sujith passed away. The government has already instructed the necessary measures that people need to follow while installing borewells. The district collectors should make sure the borewells are installed following proper guidelines, if not they need to initiate strict action against them. I hope that in the future, these sad incident doesn't occur and also request the public to follow proper guidelines while closing the borewell. I thank all the officials and public who worked day and night for the rescue process, I offer my condolences to Sujith's parents," Edappadi wrote.

    12:51 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Vellamandi Natarajan pays his last respect

    Tamil Nadu Minister for Tourism, Vellamandi N Natarajan, who was present throughout the 80-hour rescue operations was among the first to pay his last respects to the deceased toddler.

    12:39 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Actor Vishal offers his condolences
    12:38 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Raghava Lawrence offers his condolences, urges parents to name a child after Sujith

    Kollywood actor Raghava Lawrence tweeted his condolences to Sujith in an emotional note today. In his note, Lawrence said that he will not be celebrating his birthday today following the death of Sujith. Beginning his message with "I pray that Sujith will be reunited with his parents once again", Lawrence said that Sujith had left the entire nation in tears with his demise. "Sujith has become a child of the nation today. Likewise, there are many children being born today. If request that parents name atleast one child Sujith and raise him well. That way, you will be giving life to one child and giving peace to Sujith Wilson's soul and Sujith will remain with us. If you are planning to adopt a child, I will help you adopt a boy and I will bear all the expenses towards his education." (sic)

    12:28 (IST)29 Oct 2019
    Officials seal the borewell inside which Sujith was trapped

    Rescue officials who had worked non-stop for four days to rescue two-year-old Sujith from an abandoned borewell near his house filled the borewell and sealed it with a cement lid on Tuesday. The borewell, which is 600 feet deep was filled once the decomposed body of Sujith was recovered early Tuesday morning.

    The rescue operation of a three-year-old boy Sujith, who fell into an abandoned borewell in Nadukattupatti in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruchirappalli district on October 25, entered its fourth day on Monday. According to officials, Sujith Wilson has fainted but is breathing.

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    On Friday evening, a rig of the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) was pressed into service to dig a 110-feet-deep hole that will enable rescue and fire team personnel to reach the child.

    After a borewell goes dry, farmers abandon it after taking out the water pump, and pulling out the PVC pipe to the extent possible for re-use.

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