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Monday, February 17, 2020

Yoga complemented with medical treatment can combat cancer: PGI doc

When asked about the effectiveness of curcumin in curing cancer, all three experts agreed that it is effective.

Written by TANBIR DHALIWAL | Chandigarh | Published: February 5, 2015 10:05:45 am

Cancer patients who perform yoga and take curcumin along with the medical treatment (chemotherapy, radiotherapy) can fight the disease better, as both potentiate the immune system, says an expert from the Radiotherapy Department, PGI.

“Yoga definitely helps as it potentiates the immune system,” said Dr Rakesh Kapoor, Additional Professor, Department of Radiotherapy and Imaging, PGI.

He added, “Medical treatment like chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer is must. However, if a patient does yoga along with the treatment, it helps.”

As per the expert, yoga further helps in reducing the chances of re-occurrence of the disease. “It has been seen that patients who have recovered from cancer because of medical treatment and are then practising yoga, have less chances of re-occurrence due to rejuvenation of tissues.”

When asked if any research has been done on this issue, Dr Rakesh Kapoor said, “There is a need for a proper research on this subject, as to how yoga in addition to the regular treatment can help in combating the disease.”

Dr Sushmita Ghoshal, Head, Radioptherapy Department, PGI, said, “Yoga, as an exercise, definitely improves the well-being of people. However, if someone claims that it cures cancer, then they should come up with authentic, well-documented and reproducible research on the matter.”

Dr Feroza Patel, former Professor, Department of Radiotherapy, said, “Yoga alone can never help in curing cancer. This is a kind of complementary treatment, which means that it may or may not be of any help.”

“We are not the authority to comment on the effectiveness of yoga. It might boost the immune system, but where is the proof?” asked the doctor.

She further said, “I have seen many patients in PGI who have cancer detected at an early stage, but when it comes to treatment, they go for only alternative therapies. Same patients used to come back to PGI with the disease at a more advanced stage.”

When asked about the effectiveness of curcumin in curing cancer, all three experts agreed that it is effective.

“Curcumin helps in boosting immunity. Research shows that curcumin also enhances the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy,” said Dr Rakesh Sehgal.

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