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‘Yeh tumne bada punya ka kaam kar diya hai’

So spoke Desh Raj,suspended SP,to Inspector Anokh Singh. Excerpts from the transcripts of conversation the CBI has produced in its chargesheet

“Yeh tumne bada punya ka kaam kar diya hai (You have done a virtuous deed).”

This is what a happy Desh Raj,suspended Superintendent of Police (City),had told Inspector Anokh Singh when he (Singh) had confirmed that he had arranged Rs 1 lakh.

Thanking Anokh Singh for the “virtuous deed”,Desh Raj had invited him to his official residence in the evening on October 18 last. In the evening Desh Raj was caught red-handed by CBI sleuths on charges of accepting an illegal gratification of Rs 1 lakh from the Inspector.

Desh Raj had also assured Anokh Singh that he (Raj) would get Singh promoted as Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) next year.


The entire conversation between the suspended SP and the complainant Inspector is part of the chargesheet filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation against Desh Raj in a special CBI court.

Chandigarh Newsline has a copy of the entire transcript. The CBI has produced copies of two transcripts. First,a conversation recorded by Inspector Anokh Singh on his mobile phone and the second a conversation recorded on two recorders. These two (Sony walkman-cum-digital music players) were given by the CBI to Singh to record the incriminating conversation.

Last month,the Ministry of Home Affairs had granted sanction to prosecute Desh Raj on corruption charges,following which the CBI had filed a chargesheet against him.

On the morning of Oct 18,2012 (in the office of Desh Raj)

Anokh: Ijazat hai (May I come in). Sir,good afternoon.

Desh Raj: Apki DE ke liye aaye the woh (They had come regarding your departmental enquiry).

Anokh: Sir,sir.

Desh Raj: Kuch nahin hai us mein (there is nothing in it).

Anokh: Sir,sir,main arrangement kar ditta si,te oh tuhanoon kithe…. (Sir,I have made the arrangement as desired by you… where shall I hand it over).

Desh Raj: Theek hai (OK).

Anokh: Sir,main aithe nahin leke aaya (I have not brought the money here).

Desh Raj: Shaam ko aa jao (Come in the evening).

Desh Raj: Yeh tumne bada punya ka kaam kar diya hai (You have done a virtuous deed).

Anokh: Sir,enquiry mein meri madad karo,kyun ki retirement.. (Sir,please help me out,my retirement is approaching).

Desh Raj: Promotion aa rahi hai (Is your promotion around the corner)?

Anokh: Sir,panjwa number hai (Sir,I am at number five on the promotion list).

Desh Raj: Aur retirement kab hai (And when are you to retire)?

Anokh: Retirement to agle saal October mein,extension ho jaayegi,sir,ek saal aur (I am slated to retire in October next year but will get a year’s extension if I am promoted).

Desh Raj: Toh tab ban jaaoge Deputy,karwa denge (You will become DSP,will get it done).

Anokh: Mere teh aashirwad rakho,sir. Main shaam no phir ghare?…. (Please be kind towards me. Shall I come home in the evening?)

Desh Raj:Ghar aa jana (Come home).

On the evening of Oct 18,2012 (at Desh Raj’s official residence)

Anokh: May I come in,sir.

Anokh: Ijazat hai (if you may permit).

Desh Raj: Aao ji (Come).

Anokh: Sir,janab da hukum si,main ik lakh lae aaya si (Sir,as ordered,I have brought Rs 1 lakh).

Desh Raj: Kya loge,chaai peeoge,coffee peeoge (Will you take tea or coffee).

Anokh: Thank you,mera toh bas enquiry ka dekh lena (Please take care of my enquiry).

Desh Raj: Us mein thoda sa twist ki karna hai bas (I just need to twist it a little).

Anokh: Bas baaki toh saare ho gaye,wahi akela apka hi… (the rest all have recorded their statements,only your statement remains).

Desh Raj: Koi baat nahin hai,humen karwaai kar rakhi hai,karwaai poori ho rakhi hai (Don’t worry,the enquiry stands completed).

Anokh: Chandigarh ki politics nahin samajh aandi (I am unable to understand politics of Chandigarh Police).

Desh Raj: Beat waalon se baat mat karna (do not disclose this to beat police officials).


Anokh: Main kisi se baat nahin karta,sir. Na main leta hoon… log toh yahan theke waalon se…. (I do not take bribe from anyone. People here do not even spare tavern owners).

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