Word of Mouth

UK-based food writer and chef,Ravinder Bhogal,gets ready to fire up the kitchen on TLC.

Written by Jaskiran Kapoor | Published: October 16, 2013 12:42:58 am

Come on Ravinder,you should know how to cook,else no one will marry you” — was her mother’s constant “line of action” to snap a young Ravinder out of her comfort zone,and help her in serving dinner to the family. “I was five at that time,and simply hated rounding off rotis and peeling potatoes. But where I come from,women work with military precision to feed joint families,” says celebrity chef and writer Ravinder Bhogal. She recalls growing up in an NRI family in Nairobi (Kenya) and rolling out burnt chapatis that her father would adore.

Seeing how strong the connection between food and love is,Bhogal soon realised that food was the “currency for love” and had the power “to make people love you in return”. “Once I realised that,I cooked like a maniac,” she says,as she connects online from the UK. She chatted about pursuing fashion journalism,being the girl who “got food for everyone” at work,nicknamed as the “cook in boots”,(she has a collection of boots and prefers to cook wearing them) and penning her first Gourmand Award winning book,Cook in Boots,in 2009.

October 28 onwards,this UK-based award-winning chef,food writer and food stylist is all set to whip up global cuisine in her signature style on TLC in a show titled Ravinder’s Kitchen. “This is global food without getting on a flight,and the dishes will be from Italy to India,” says the chef,who uses local produce and ingredients in her recipes,and fuses them with Indian spices and aromatics. Insisting that her show is different from the Nigella Lawson or Kylie Kwong shows,Bhogal says,“It’s Ravinder’s Kitchen,and my recipes are a part of my life and experiences.”

Propelled into the culinary limelight when crowned Britain’s “New Fanny Cradock” by Gordon Ramsay,Bhogal says that she always wanted to become a cook. It may be a male-dominated territory but Bhogal says she “is a tiny woman bossing around in a big kitchen with big men around”. She adds,“Compared to men,who have a look-at-me-cooking approach in the kitchen,women cook with love and intuition.”

On to her second book,Bhogal is also an avid reader and poet,collector of antique crockery,a shopaholic and a fashionista,and has a “greed” for new recipes and ingredients. In the show,she will be focusing on vegetarian food. “Britain is witnessing a backlash to meats,and people are opening veg-centric restaurants where meats play a second fiddle to vegetables. We need to get creative with vegetables as food prices will rise drastically,” she says.

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