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When mom follows daughter to the dance class

‘After I get free from my work and my daughter gets free from school,we come to learn dance’

Matching steps with each other and jiving to varied beats,the difference in their age seems to disappear. As several mothers and daughters in the city take to the dance floor together,the bond between them only strengthens further.

“I share a stage with my mother and it is a great feeling for me. Before I begin a performance,I am generally nervous because no matter how much I learn,my mother will always be far more accomplished than me. However,this nervousness soon disappears and is replaced by a feeling of utter bliss. Today as I look at myself dancing in a video or in a photograph,I can only say thank you mom for introducing me to this field,” says Fizaa Lamba who goes to Pedestal of Art of Dance And Music with her mother Sumita Baljee to practise Bharatnatyam.

Dr Samira Koser,performer,executive board member and Kathak instructor,Pracheen Kala Kendra,says,“Several pairs of mother and daughter come to the institute to learn Kathak. There is no such feeling of an age difference between them when they enter the practice room. When I see happiness on their faces during the class,it satisfies me to the core of my heart.”

A dentist by profession,Dr Romika Wadhera,who goes to Pracheen Kala Kendra,Mohali,to learn Kathak,says,“ It gives me immense pleasure to learn Kathak. My daughter Kanishka Wadhera has been learning Kathak under the guidance of Dr Samira Koser for the past 10 years and sometimes when we are practising together at home,she corrects me if I go wrong somewhere while practising.”

Meena Bedi who goes to The Engine Room in Sector 8 with her daughter Fiza Bedi to learn contemporary dance,says,“I have joined the dance class for fitness and my daughter is learning contemporary dance here. After I get free from my work and my daughter gets free from school,we come to the dance institute together. My daughter sometimes teaches me steps related to hip-hop which are pretty much unknown to me. Our primary aim of coming to this institute is to remain fit and what can be a better option of remaining fit than through dance which both of us enjoy and have an inclination towards.”