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When the Mercedes magazine debuted in India last week,it created a buzz.

Written by Jaskiran Kapoor | Published: July 19, 2010 2:21:47 am

Automobile giants are coming up with glossy magazines for their clientele

When the Mercedes magazine debuted in India last week,it created a buzz. Both its loyal coterie of clients and Merc fans would do anything to lay their hands on it. Launched by actor Vidya Balan and Dr. Wilfried Aulbur,Managing Director & CEO,Mercedes-Benz India,the magazine is a vibrant kaleidoscope of interesting reads on various topics like high-end products and services. The first edition of the magazine contains a special piece written by Balan on her association with Mercedes-Benz and her love for cars.

“Accessories and fashion,hobbies and holidays,communication and entertainment,these are some of the areas that the publication touches upon. Apart from updates on the brand,the magazine will cover the lifestyle of the rich,the famous and the creative,” says Dr Aulbur. The magazine will also have sections on the history and heritage of Mercedes-Benz and production and future technology for the automobile aficionados. “The focus is on content and colour spreads by seasoned writers and photographers respectively,” says Dr Aulbur.

While the magazine will be published quarterly and circulated among the exclusive clientele of Mercedes Benz in India,we took a sneak peak at magazines launched by other auto companies. Check out the online edition of the BMWCar magazine and it’s a heaven for Beemer buddies. The magazine can be downloaded on iPhone,iPad,iTunes and Twitter. The website also features previews from the next issue,apart from discussing launches,tech talk and adventure.

“Magazine is a relatively new phenomenon among automobile giants. From Merc,Audi,BMW to Ford,Volvo’s Spirit and Skoda Mobil,almost everyone has a magazine to their name. But it’s only for the client base,” says Motorcraft’s Bhalinder Sangha. Ford’s Corporate Communication head Deepti Sethi says,“Employees are our first ambassadors and these newsletters and magazines serve as motivational platforms. They love to read about other centres,success stories,new technologies,see their pictures published and carry it back home.” This provides the employee,dealers and clients an international recognition,she adds. “We have a content factory that generates good writing and photographs and this becomes our mouthpiece,” says Sethi. “@Ford is growing with every click for it has instant interactive platform,posters,downloads,comments and feedback,” she says.

From art and fashion shows to accessories and magazines,the tools for awareness and visibility are changing for automobile giants. “Through magazines,readers are expected to discover a vibrant cultural tapestry from all over the world in its pages. Twenty per cent of the magazine will be dedicated to local content,” Dr Aulbur signs off.

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