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Welcome Home!

Good things come in small packages. As Joshi Auto Zone and Hind Motors rolled in the first lot of Tata Nano today...

Good things come in small packages. As Joshi Auto Zone and Hind Motors rolled in the first lot of Tata Nano today,owners,from all walks of life,stood there like proud parents,waiting for their ‘little one’ to come home. From excited first time owners to plain lovers of cars,Nano had them in line,waiting eagerly.

The first one to take the little big car home was Panchkula’s Dr Geeta Manaktala. “April 25,I booked it on this day,and now it’s mine,” smiles Dr Geeta who teaches at the department of philosophy at the Panjab University found the Nano a great concept. “It truly is a car for Indians,by Indians and of Indians,” she claims this ‘made in India’ product from Joshi Auto Zone. While she drove home happy in her silver Nano,Shamsher Singh at Hind Motors took ownership of his first silver lined car. “It fits my budget,and my family too,” says this farmer and vegetable shop owner from Kharar,who came with his friends and brothers to take Nano delivery from Sudha Malhotra,General Manager,State Bank of India,Danish Dheer from Tata along with C M Gupta,MD,Hind Motors.

The other two lucky customers who got the keys to their Tata Nano today were Kulwinder Singh and Durgesh Kumar Manocha. Quiz them why Nano,and Singh says it’s comfortable,and surprisingly,has more space than his Palio! “I already own a Palio,and thought the Nano would come in handy. But it’s proved to be great,it’s not only a new concept,but spacious too,” he exclaims. As for Manocha,who has disposed off his Maruti 800 for a Champaign coloured Nano,the little wonder fitted his budget and requirement. “It’s a cheap car,a truly janta car,and as I stay within the city,it serves my purpose,” says Manocha who is employed with the administrative block,Panjab University.

Meanwhile,as per the plan,Tata Motors has commenced in July the deliveries of the Tata Nano in different towns and cities of the country. Despatches to dealerships have begun from the Pantnagar plant,where the car is being produced,in accordance with schedules informed to customers.

While the first 1,00,000 deliveries are scheduled to be completed by the last quarter of 2010,all efforts will be made to deliver earlier by ramping up production at Pantnagar and the fast upcoming Sanand plant.

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