Weighing 450 grams at birth,baby survives,reaches 1.3 kg

At birth,she was just 450 grams with minimal chances of survival.

Written by Express News Service | Mohali | Published: July 27, 2012 2:20:06 am

At birth,she was just 450 grams with minimal chances of survival. But after three months now,the baby has proved doctors wrong. For not only is she improving but has also gained weight and has reached 1.3 kg.

“Most newborn specialists consider that babies weighing less than 500 grams at the time of birth have bleak chances of survival. As per records,there is no reported survival of a baby of this weight in India. The earlier record,based on the various reports published in this regard,was of a baby weighing 495 grams from Pune in October 2010,” says Dr Sunil K Agrawal,consultant neonatologist,Fortis.

On April 21,Rajni,a resident of Mansa Devi complex,gave birth to a three-month premature girl. It was her fourth delivery,the previous three ending in failures.

For Rajni too,it is nothing short of a miracle. She used to pray daily for the well-being of her child. “My prayers have been answered. Everyday I used to sit beside her and wonder when I will be able to hold her in my arms. Now I do not leave her for a second.”

Agrawal says the baby required respiratory support (ventilation) for nearly 15 days before she could breathe on her own. “Thereafter,we had to put her on artificial oxygen for another 12 days,apart from providing intravenous nutrition for the first two weeks,till she became stable,” he added. She was able to start drinking from a spoon only after about 10 weeks of birth.

She may have become the smallest baby to survive in the annals of Indian medical history,but the road ahead for Rajni’s baby may be bumpy. As per experts,children born this premature could have growth delays and impairments such as blindness,deafness or cerebral palsy.

However,Dr Agrawal says it’s too early to know how she will fare when she grows up.

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