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An audio clip on YouTube is not enough.

Written by Jaskiran Kapoor | Published: June 4, 2013 3:02:32 am

Two city-based artistes have successfully used online platforms to create a buzz for their debut projects

An audio clip on YouTube is not enough. Videos add more character and substance to the artwork,” says Chandigarh-based musician Jasleen Aulukh. The singer-songwriter-composer of sufi band,Just Ittefaq,recently released her single Paisa Paisa online,which is part of her upcoming album,Polly’s Diary. In the two days that it went online,the song has received 2,000 hits.

The folksy number penned by her mother Polly Saghera is shot by The White Frog Productions and has been recorded and produced by Keshav Dhar. Aulukh is not alone,as other artistes are slowly opting for the online route to gain publicity for their projects.

For his debut film project,writer-director Nav Nirman Singh chose the online route. His 14 -minute short film,The Eternal Lover,was released on the online video hosting site Vimeo. The reason was simple enough. “How do you respond when people ask what work you have directed? An online link is the easiest and quickest way of connecting. It’s a one click resume,” says Singh,who previously assisted Abhinav Kashyap on his film Besharam.

Aulukh’s song,Paisa Paisa,symbolises the death of human conscience and lust for money. And to reach out to a wider audience,Aulukh pooled in her savings and got a professional video shot for the song. “Once the video gets a certain number of views and popularity then we’ll launch the album. The song is very folksy and people will relate to it more once they see the visuals,” argues Aulukh.

While Singh’s film has received a good response in the online sphere,he has been actively publicising his film at film festivals in India. It made it to the 2nd Kolkata Documentary and Short film festival and was screened at Nandan Cinema Hall in Kolkata on March 25. “I will be shortly releasing it publicly too,” says Singh.

His journey into cinema was triggered by a chance meeting with his idol,filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. And after an appearance in No One Killed Jessica,Singh decided to write the script for The Eternal Lover. The film,written in two nights with friends was made and produced on a small budget. It is a love story inspired from the definition of love by the current generation. “I see it all the time,how this generation falls in love in a hurry and treats it lightly,” he notes. The film stars actor Preet Bhullar (who will be seen opposite Minissha Lamba in Punjabi film Heer and Hero),model-cum-actors Saurabh Kaushik and Gia Sharma.

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