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War of words in special House meeting over transfer of 13 villages

The problem of lal dora has not been solved.

The issue of transfer of villages under the UT Administration to the Municipal Corporation led to war of words between political parties both inside and outside the General House. A special meeting had been convened on Thursday for discussing the issue.

The resolution proposed by the MC has 10 conditions that the civic body wants the Administration to fulfill before the transfer of villages.

SAD councillor Harjinder Kaur questioned the work done by Municipal Corporation in the past 17 years in the villages. She said that even though the original inhabitants of the city were being uprooted,rehabilitation policy for slums was being made. “Chandigarh was never a slum city. We have given houses to migratory labour. People who belong to the city have not been given houses. Officers come here from Punjab and Haryana. When recruitments are done,it is people from the states who get jobs. People from the villages are not considered,” she said.

Surinder Bahga,the only one among the nominated councillors to oppose the resolution said there is a need to develop model villages. Even the Master Plan prepared by the Administration mentions the pitiable condition of the villages under the Municipal Corporation. The problem of lal dora has not been solved. He added that the Municipal Corporation has no planning division to take care of additional villages. Congress councillor Poonam Sharma,however,was of the opinion that crore of rupees are being spent in the villages that are under the Municipal Corporation. She said that if such development happens in all villages it would be beneficial.


MC leader of opposition Arun Sood,said that the villages already transferred to the MC are in a pitiable shape. “The manner in which the resolution was passed is the death of democracy. The villagers are involved in dairy farming. Cattle is not allowed inside municipal limits. It was Mahatma Gandhi’s dream to have panchayats which the Congress is doing away with,” he said.

Nominated councillors being partisan,says BSP councillor Jannat Jahan said that the nominated councillors were playing a partisan role and supporting the Congress in all decisions. She said that in earlier meetings,all decisions were taken in the consent of the Congress. “There seems to be no need of the other councillors. We are elected representatives but we have no say,” she said.

The resolution was supported by eight nominated councillors. Mayor Subhash Chawla said,“As nominated councillor do not use political language.”

Conditions imposed by MC

* The Administration should notify transfer of revenue estate as well as abadi deh to the MC. Provisions of the Capital of Punjab (Development & Regulation) Act,1952 shall be extended to the entire area and the Punjab New Capital (Periphery) Control Act shall not apply to the existing construction.

* Assets,liabilities,staff and posts be transferred

* Planing of area of villages

will be under the MC

* For five years the Administration should bear plan and non-plan expenditure

* No property tax on residential or commercial property to be imposed for five years

* Number of wards be increased for elected councillors

* Prominent persons of Gram Panchayats,Zila Parishad and Panchyat Samiti be given due representation in various Advisory Committees

* Site be earmarked by Administration for dairy farming for these villages

‘Planning Needed’

Local MP Pawan Kumar Bansal said that there is a need for planning and that would happen once the villages are transferred to the Municipal Corporation. He added lal dora has not ended anywhere in the country. “The BJP is not letting us start the process. Do they know the views of the common people in villages? People are being shoved into pigeon holes. There is a need for proper planning,” he said. Bansal added that while on one hand BJP leaders are courting arrest over the issue of rehabilitation,in the House their councillors are opposing the rehabilitation policy.