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Vox Populi; UT must get cracking on city’s parking woes

UT must get cracking on city’s parking woes This refers to the news item ‘UT parking space crisis turns alarming’ should open the closely shut eyes of the Administration towards the problem.

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Vox Populi; UT must get cracking on city’s parking woes
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UT must get cracking on city’s parking woes

This refers to the news item ‘UT parking space crisis turns alarming’ (Chandigarh Newsline,January 17) should open the closely shut eyes of the Administration towards the problem. The Administration seems to have other priorities above parking. Instead of hastening the construction of multi-storeyed parking lots,it is starting an over-bridge project in a part of Sector 17 that has very little traffic congestion. Interestingly enough,the Administration reportedly conducted a survey to ‘spruce up’ this particularly neglected part of Sector 17. Since the Administration now admits that the northern part of Sector 17 wears a ‘deserted’ look after the offices are closed,the construction of a new over-bridge in the area will certainly be a waste of public money. The Administration needs to focus itself on areas that witness traffic congestion on a regular basis and immediately start work on the much needed multi-storeyed parking spaces.


Halve vote weightage of nominated councillors

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There are 26 posts of elected councillors and nine are nominated by the Governor on the basis of their experience in various fields for advising the Municipal Corporation in their respective fields. So,out of the total strength of 35 members,approximately one-fourth of the councillors are nominated. If these nominated councillors are inclined to any particular party,then the Mayoral election are affected by their votes. To overcome this scenario,it is suggested that the weightage of the vote of a nominated councillor be halved so that the influence of nominated councillors for the election of Mayor is reduced.


10% quota for Haryana BCs in Group A & B posts

I was really surprised on reading a news item in a publication which reported that in the state of Haryana,the quantum of reservation as admissible to Backward Classes (BCs) in respect of Class I and II posts (now referred to as Group A and B posts) is still 10 per cent as against 27 percent as provided to them by the Central Government in respect of Central Services as well as in All-India Services (IAS/IPS/IFS). Pertinent that a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court in the infamous Mandal Case of November,1992 (Indira Sawhey vs Union of India) upheld the 27 percent reservation for BC’s,albeit excluding those who belonged to the so-called ‘creamy layer’. Although after this ruling,the Haryana government granted the state’s non-creamy BC’s 27 percent quota,but only in respect of Class III and IV posts (now called Group C and D posts) leaving the then prevailing 10 per cent quota for BC’s in higher gazetted posts untouched. The state government owes a reply and explanation on this aspect. Being a member of the legal fraternity,I am of the considered view that perhaps it might be highly-influential groups and elite bureaucratic lobby within the state’s BC categories are responsible for this non-implementation because as all these fall within the excluded creamy layer,hence they don’t want reservation to be duly increased in gazetted posts to as their wards would not be able to get any benefits. It is incumbent upon the Hooda Government to rectify this discrepancy at the earliest lest someone approach a Court of Law on this issue,the state government would have to face the wrath of the judiciary. Hemant Kumar,Ambala City

Heritage auction issue being over-hyped

The matter regarding loss of Chandigarh’s valuable heritage at international auction houses has been given unnecessary hype. Instead of complicating the issue,a new perspective needs to be looked upon. The Administration should preserve the original artifacts and not the replicas that are present in bulk. Also,the furniture personally used by Le Corbusier and his foreign team should be called heritage; terming the replicas of original furniture designed by them makes no sense. Most importantly,it is the ideas that are of heritage value,not the replicas. These furniture items are considered of immense value abroad,so the UT should capitalise on it by starting the sale of the replicas in Chandigarh itself. This will help contribute to future support and preservation of Chandigarh. With so much craze for the furniture in the west,there is nothing wrong with the auction of the replicas there.

Shruti K Chawla,Chandigarh

On Bus Day,UT officials should ride on CTU buses


The level of service and the quality of public transport in Chandigarh are getting worse. The public is not satisfied with the UT bus service and the lack of public transport services is causing traffic congestion. The Sate Transport Authority should organise awareness campaigns in order to appeal to the public to use CTU buses for their daily commute. One day of every month should be fixed and observed as Bus Day. On this day,all UT officers and senior bureaucrats should take the public buses to their offices. This Bus Day should be conducted to discipline government officers,citizens and youngster and to promote public transport . In the coming months,Chandigarh Transport Undertaking should rope in senior police personnel into Bus Day as well. It is strange that the Local State Transport Authority still shows Former Home Secretary Ram Niwas as Chairman of State Transport Authority on their website.

Sachin Sharma,Chandigarh

Chandigarh fast becoming ‘crime city’

For those,who have grown up with Chandigarh,the dream city of free India,it is really painful to see that City Beautiful is fast losing its ‘beautiful’ tag and getting rather the nasty tag of ‘crime city’. The way crime is spiralling in the Tricity,it seems that the people have neither respect nor fear of law. Criminals and victims have no barriers of caste,creed,gender or class,but the younger generation seems to be particularly involved with criminal behaviour. To save the city from this stigma,the Administration,especially the police will have to pull up their socks and enforce the laws with an iron hand so that rising crime can be leashed effectively to enable the city to regain its old glory.


Lack of jobs not exams cause of stress in students


Mid-January signals the on-set of examination fever for students. Examination has been a device,since time immemorial,to evaluate the quality of learning by students. But of late,we have generated and overplayed misconceptions about exams. Exams have been blamed for increased stress among students,but a lot depends on the individual. We must take the natural fear associated with exams in our stride. Parents have a significant role to play. Examinations are not an end-in-themselves and are not the problem. It is the paucity of opportunities thereafter which rightly haunts them and they must protest more vocally against it.

I M Joshi,Chandigarh

First published on: 23-01-2012 at 02:59 IST
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