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Monday, July 23, 2018

Vox Populi

Stocking or saving for the rainy day is a human trait perhaps adopted by the cave man during the evolution stage.

Published: October 6, 2013 2:13:38 am

Hoarding – a curse to civic responsibility

Stocking or saving for the rainy day is a human trait perhaps adopted by the cave man during the evolution stage. However,this survival instinct has been misdirected and misused for personal gratification without consideration of its adverse affects on the fellow human beings called “society”. This anti-social human action creating artificial shortage for personal gains is appropriately classified as “hoarding”. We all are well versed with the oft-created shortage of onions caused by the hoarding. The same corollary applies to the electricity and water supply in Chandigarh. The inverters were first launched in the market to store and provide low power output for a very short duration. Gradually their storage and power output were increased to four to six hours duration with a capability to run home appliances and an air conditioners. Imagine the chaos created by the amalgamated suction by these monsters on the power line,when the power is resumed after a planned power break. The inverters’ “hoarding” creates overload and burns out the transformers. The only long-term solution to this problem is to include the inverters capacity in the self assessment of load calculation list of appliances. Also make it mandatory to link these to the solar panels. Similar is the situation is with water supply. To cater for the perpetual water shortage at first and second floors of the houses,most of the houses have large capacity storage tanks installed on the ground floor. These tanks “hoard” water during the scheduled water supply and later it is boosted to the third floor water tanks. However,the first floor and second floor residents still remain devoid of fresh water supply and are forced to use water filters to make the water potable. To get over this Catch-22 situation of water and electricity linkage,it would be prudent to install sub-sector-wise booster pumps with captive power supply.

Col K D Pathak (Retd),CHANDIGARH

Congress has insulted people of Chandigarh

The news item “Bansal recommended for LS Ticket,workers unhappy with hush hush procedure” (Chandigarh Newsline October 4) was very shocking. By recommending Pawan Bansal,who is allegedly embroiled neck deep in the multicrore Railgate scandal,the Chandigarh Congress has insulted the people of the city. It is really surprising that Congress has completely ignored the fate of Laloo and Rashid Masood,who have been very recently sent to jail for corruption and have been barred from contesting for six years after they complete their jail term. It is a wonder that Congress thinks the people of Chandigarh will also forget the fate of Laloo and Masood and vote for Bansal. The unhappy Congress workers will do a favour to the people if they lodge a strong protest and force the party to change its mind. If they fail to do so,the Chandigarh seat is as good as lost for the Congress. The citizens of Chandigarh will never vote for a tainted candidate.


Even with high rank,PU still has a long way to go

Panjab University has beaten all 15 Indian Institutes of Technology to become the nation’s only educational institution to figure in Times Higher Education World’s Top-400 University Rankings for 2013-14. According to rankings announced in London Wednesday,“Panjab University is the only Indian entrant in the 226-250 bracket. IIT-Delhi,Kanpur,Kharagpur and Roorkee are all in the 351-400 segment”. Surely a celebration time for PU that must have achieved better academic and allied laurels than other Indian universities. However,one fails to gauge the acumen of those who made an invidious comparison between professional and academic institutions. Despite this high-sounding ranking,I don’t think bright students in future would prefer to join PU instead of ‘low-ranking’ IITs.


Chandigarh needs CCTV cameras that work

This refers to the news report “How many extra CCTV cameras you want to install,HC asks UT” (Chandigarh Newsline,October 5,2013). The Hon’ble Punjab andHaryana High Court has come to the rescue of citizens of the City beautiful as constant vigil of the entire city through “all working” CCTV cameras would be helpful not only in better traffic management but this would take care of security related aspects also. Of late,there have been several cases of snatching in different areas of Chandigarh. Further,as per regular media reports,several accidents have taken place on traffic inter-sections and roundabouts and the offenders usually make good their escape as no one could note down their vehicles’ registration number. But with the installation of latest CCTV cameras at all prominent places and more so at various accident prone areas in the city,the position could become manageable. It goes without saying that with a proper network of CCTV cameras operational at all times i.e. 24X7 and adequate number of traffic policemen on the field duty,the Chandigarh Traffic Police would be better equipped to deal with ever growing volume of vehicular traffic on the city’s roads resulting in frequent traffic jams mainly during peak hours among others. The policemen monitoring the city’s traffic movements at its control room (through CCTVs) could then keep a watch and also take necessary remedial steps without any delay.


City needs budget hotels,not tourist centres

With reference to a news item in Chandigarh Newsline,October 4 – Foundation stone of tourist centre land at Capital Complex – there are already six tourist centres in the city. These are located at ISBT,Sector 17,Tourist Information Centre,Sector 17,(Shopping Complex Sector 17) Tourist Centre (Rock Garden),Tourist Centre (Lake),Tourist Information Centre (Railway Station) and Tourist Information Chandigarh Airport too. The immediate need is a big hotel for the budget tourists as more than 60 per cent tourists arriving in this city,foreigners as well as domestic,are low budget. There is an immediate need of a camping site for tourists. Besides this tourist brouchers be printed in German,French,Italian,Spanish and Hebrew. The tourist literature (brouchers) regarding places of tourist interest in the city,be printed in Hindi and Punjabi too.

Narinder Singh,CHANDIGARH

Recharge defunct tubewells instead of installing new ones

With reference to a news item in Chandigarh Newsline,September 23 – MC to take up estimate of 19 tube-wells today – it may be pointed out that,in view of the falling water-table in the area,it would neither be desirable nor fruitful to install more tubewells. As reported in the news item,out of 220 tubewells already installed,only 170-180 are functional,the rest are defunct,it is said that 10 per cent of the tubewells are becoming defunct every year. It would,therefore,advisable to recharge the defunct wells and make them functional,if possible,instead of installing more tubewells. Chandigarh is said to be receiving 87 MID water supply,comprising 67 MID from Kajauli Water Works and the rest from tubewells. The peak demand during summer is said to be of the order of 115 mid. To meet the shortage,attempts should be made to get additional supply from Kajauli Water Works Stages V and VI.


New projects can held make Chandigarh tourist-friendly

In reference to the news report – Need to make Chandigarh more tourist friendly – I do agree that City Beautiful needs to be more tourist-friendly through the implementation of some new schemes and upbringing of some new encouraging projects. The administration should look for initiatives to set right the horrifying condition of city beautiful. The depleting landscape of the city is a matter of great concern .The visitors not only from foreign but also from the country itself have to undergo a harsh time while having a go around the city. The Rock Garden,Rose Garden,Sukhna Lake and many other such sites are in a bad state and need maintenance.

Arshdeep Singh,MOHALI

NOTA ought to be incorporated in RP Act too

Hats off to Supreme Court for its recent judgment directing Election Commission of India for providing provision of “None Of The Above (NOTA)” in ballot papers/Electronic Voting Machines so that a voter who find none of the contesting candidates in a fray suitable can exercise that option without compromising his/her privacy. Pertinent that even before the SC’s ruling the same is very much provided in Conduct of Election Rules (CER),1961 but at the cost of disclosure of concerned voters’ identity which discouraged many intending ones to unhesitatingly exercise such option. Moreover,even if some voter desired to use the same,the presiding/polling officers at the polling booths were mostly unaware of such procedure. Be that as it may,now that secrecy in respect of users of NOTA option have been accorded judicial sanctity,it is highly expected that the twin state governments of Punjab and Haryana along with UT Chandigarh Administration would carry out necessary amendments in their respective state statutes concerning Municipal and Panchayat polls too so that electors of these local body elections can too avail of this option. Last but not the least,although the Apex Court’s latest stand is highly commendable,but everyone must understand that such a provision for Negative Voting or NOTA is currently only provided in the CER,1961 framed by the Central Government and as such it has got no statutory sanctity as that of a duly enacted statute. Hence,this finds no mention in any of the two principal legislations governing the elections in our country viz. RPA of 1950 and 1951. What if Central government exercising its executive power tomorrow decides to omits such provision from the Rules ? It would be much easier for it as compared to promulgating an ordinance so as to undo a SC ruling as it attempted just recently but failed miserably. Finally,everyone must keep in mind that the Court has not laid down any new legal proposition but has only resurrected a hitherto grey area as contained in the relevant rules.

Hemant Kumar,AMBALA CITY

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