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Monday, July 16, 2018

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For most Tricity residents,summer and water problems are almost synonymous.

Written by Express News Service | Published: May 21, 2012 12:36:56 am

Residents’ help required to deal with water crisis

For most Tricity residents,summer and water problems are almost synonymous. While the southern sectors and housing societies in Chandigarh are known to have water shortage,potable water is getting scarce in the northern sectors,too,this season. Very often residents here complain of low-water pressure. Most of non-revenue water goes waste through leakages in water pipelines and water thefts. In some places,people even make holes in the main water pipelines and take water from there illegally. The MC should keep a tab on such illegal connections and impose heavy fines on defaulters. Also,all the leaking pipelines should be repaired at the earliest as wastage of drinking water is also one of the crucial reasons for water shortage. A few simple steps – clean vehicles with wet cloth,don’t keep water running while shaving and brushing and avoid flushing toilet unnecessarily – should be taken. A multi-pronged approach,awareness and residents’ co-operation is all that is required to deal with water crisis.

Vineet Kapoor,Panchkula

Ban on buildings near Sukhna in city’s interest

It is heartening to know that the High Court has banned all construction work around the Sukhna catchment area (News report,Punjab Govt ‘freezes’ all construction in Kansal,Chandigarh Newsline,May 17). Such illegal constructions of 19-storey buildings in the north of Chandigrh Capitol Complex could have blocked the natural view of the Shivalik Hills from the city and deprived people of Chandigarh of the natural charm. Such constructions had also been prohibited by the founder of Chandigarh,Le Corbusier,and was against the edict of the City Beautiful. It is shameful that some top politicians,bureaucrats and businessmen had entered into a nexus to create an illegal colony for their luxury and comfort ignoring all norms. It is good that the High Court has upheld the views and sentiments of residents of Chandigarh.

R K KAPOOR,Chandigarh

Aamir Khan’s efforts praiseworthy

Aamir Khan’s recent initiative and commitment to highlight the social problem of child sex abuse through the TV serial,Satyamev Jayate,is a remarkable effort. He deserves praise and appreciation. It is one of the many efforts already started against the problem which has been spreading like cancer in our society. Collective action in the form of peoples’ movement is required against the social menace. Parents and teachers must make children conscious of such problems. Moreover,there is a need to make the concept of child helpline more popular both,in urban and rural areas. The government and non-government agencies should provide the service round the clock for free. There is also a need to frame strict and stringent laws to curb such social problems.

Arun Kumar Sharma,Mohali

Deal sternly with protests by medical staff

Growing intolerance and politics among medical staff has been leading to repeated strikes and causing inconvenience to patients. Whether it is fair to go on a strike or not is purely an issue which needs to be decided on the basis of genuineness of the demands. If the demands deserve to be addressed,then appropriate action should be taken at the earliest to avoid unpleasant situations such as strike and mass casual leave. If demands are not genuine,the hospital administration must deal with it strictly and come up with exemplary punishment,because strike affects people badly. There is a need to increase co-ordination among staff and administration. Strikes are being used as pressure tactics. Therefore,the authorities should act tough against anyone holding patients to ransom to make authorities to bow down even to petty matters. There should be a grievance redressal mechanism to tackle such issues. If a hospital staff is leaving patients in the lurch by going on a strike,then he/she should be punished or fined.


Chain-snatching cases bring bad name to city

Of late,there has been a spurt in the number of cases of chain snatching in Chandigarh. Most culprits use motorcycles and also wear helmets to hide their identity. While police personnel try to nab them by putting nakas at vulnerable places,but the miscreants keep a watch on such points and take the other route,thus giving the police a miss. The incidents not only cause financial loss to innocent victims,but also bring a bad name to the city and its authorities. It is incumbent upon people of the city to help the police by noting down the registration numbers of motorcycles involved in such cases. It is essential to nab the culprits at the earliest,so that the atmosphere of fear pervading the city may undergo a change.

S K Gupta,Chandigarh

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