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UT Police to honour 7 cops who were injured on duty

Talking to Newsline, the seven officers who were injured said that senior officers need to take a stronger stand for them.

Clockwise: Constable Sonia, Constable Deepak, Head Constable Mohinder Singh, Head constable  Om Parkash, Constable Devinder, Head Constable Paramjit Singh and ASI Balbir Singh Clockwise: Constable Sonia, Constable Deepak, Head Constable Mohinder Singh, Head constable
Om Parkash, Constable Devinder, Head Constable Paramjit Singh and ASI Balbir Singh

After the video of a constable who was injured on duty went viral on WhatsApp, UT Police got many calls from private organisations and NGOs offering to felicitate the constable who was in the video, the UT Police decided to honour all the seven traffic policemen who have suffered injuries on duty. Some of them have already been awarded while others are yet to get their Class I commendation certificates and cash rewards.
SSP Maneesh Chaudhry (Traffic) said, “These officers have risked their lives and need to be motivated so they feel proud of being in the police. The officers will be recognised during the traffic week along with their families so that the residents know that we have brave officers in our force”.

Talking to Newsline, the seven officers who were injured said that senior officers need to take a stronger stand for them. “The accused should be given strict punishment,” they said. Most of the accused in these cases are youngsters.

Constable Sonia

On New Year’s eve, Sonia was returning home from duty near JW Marriot Hotel. Around 1.45 am she was with a colleague near her residence in Manimajra. As she dropped her colleague, a car from Shastri Nagar Light Point hit Sonia’s Activa, she tried to stop the car. However, the driver did not stop and tried to flee after hitting her. She jumped on the other side of the road as the car driver tried to run over her. Meanwhile, her colleague called the PCR and the accused was nabbed. “It has been many months and I do not fear anymore,” she said.

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Constable Deepak

On May 7, Deepak was deputed at Colony Number 5 light point when around 4.30 pm a car bearing a Punjab registration number came from Mohali side and stopped his car on the Zebra crossing. Deepak requested the car driver to show his driving licence. Instead, the accused sped away, dragging the constable on his car’s bonnet. A CTU bus driver saw and stopped his bus in front of the driver so that he stops. Deepak suffered a fracture in his leg. “I still fear that day. Now I do not go near the vehicle. I signal the vehicle to stop, if they don’t, I flash the registration number on PCR and traffic control room so that address of the accused can be found and a challan can be sent at his residence. Our seniors have also asked us to save ourselves first,” he said.

Head Constable Mohinder Singh

On May 28, Mohinder Singh was deputed for traffic duty at Sector 17 C. Around 9.15 am, an unknown person on a Motorcycle came from Fire Brigade Office side and was not wearing a helmet. Mohinder signaled the rider to stop. Instead, the accused pushed Mohinder, snatched his challan Book and escaped. Mohinder was injured and the accused was arrested a few days later. Mohinder said, “The accused got confused and snatched my book. I had suffered some injuries but now I am back on duty.”

ASI Balbir Singh

On June 8, Balbir Singh was deputed at Gate Number 1 of Police Lines, Sector 26. He saw some persons quarreling nearby and went to stop them. As he intervened, the youngsters attacked him with a stone and he suffered a fracture. A case was registered and the accused was arrested. “We cannot fear such hooligans. They had to be stopped. I was nearby and thought I will stop them from fighting instead of calling the police. I would do the same again, if needed,” he said.

Head Constable Paramjit Singh

On July 3, Paramjit Singh was deputed at Sector 35-36 small rotary. Around 10.50 am, a car bearing registration of Haryana came from Attawa Chowk side and his front number plate was not fixed. Singh signaled the driver to stop but he fled. The driver merely ran over Singh and he sustained serious injuries. A case of assaulting a police officer on duty was registered, the accused was arrested and the case is under trial. In service for the last 29 year, Singh said that he feels proud. “My family was scared for a while but I don’t fear. These things are a part of our job.


We had found traces of narcotic from the accused’s vehicle,” Singh said.

Constable Devinder

On August 10, Devinder Kumar who was patrolling on Eagle-1 motorcycle, saw a car come from Sector 17 side,  whose driver was using mobile phone. So Devinder signalled the driver to stop. The accused hit Devinder who was tossed in the air and landed on the bonnet of the car. Instead of stopping, the driver tried to escape with Devinder on his car bonnet. Devinder caught hold of the vipers of the car and was driven for about 500 meters. He suffered injuries and accused was later arrested. The incident was captured on camera which went viral on WhatsApp. “I was in shock for a few days but now I am fine and am back on duty,” he said.

Head constable Om Parkash

On August 11, Om Parkash was on patrolling duty. Around, 12.30 pm an unknown motorcycle came from Sector 34 side and the driver was not wearing helmet. Om Parkash signaled him to stop. However, the accused rammed his bike into the head constable. Om suffer multiple injuries and was taken to the hospital. “They were youngsters and I was trying to stop them. I had no idea that with his sister riding pillion, he will actually hit me,” he said.

First published on: 07-09-2014 at 03:47:25 am
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