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UT constructing roundabout at one of city’s most accident-prone light points

Sector 46/47/48/49 light point is among the 15 black spots where maximum road accidents have been reported for the last many years.

The light point of Sector 46/47/48/49 on Thursday (Express photo by Jasbir Malhi)

The UT engineering department has started constructing a roundabout at one of the busiest and accident-prone light points, Sector 46/47/48/49, on Vikas Marg.

Sector 46/47/48/49 light point is among the 15 black spots where maximum road accidents have been reported for the last many years. In 2021, at least 99 road accidents, including 13 fatalities, were reported at this light point.

This light point situated on Vikas Marg caters to the traffic flow from Mohali to Chandigarh and vice versa, and all the vehicles going to ISBT-43 from Purv Marg and vice versa. Earlier, for reducing the fatal casualties, speed breakers were constructed at all the sides of this light point. The breakers served the purpose to an extent but failed to reduce the number of road accidents.

“The spot inspection after many road accidents at this light point suggested over speeding as the reason. Indeed, speed breakers, zebra crossings, markings, reflectors, cat eyes worked but the roads were widened from four sides. There is a need to restrain the speed besides the installation of the traffic lights. The traffic light system will continue after the construction of the roundabout,” a senior engineering department officer said. The recommendation for the construction of the roundabout was made back in 2018.

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General manager, SmarCity Ltd, N P Sharma, said, “As the traffic lights at Sector 46/47/48/49 are not working, CCTV cameras were turned off. The cameras’ direction will be fixed again as per the new markings, including zebra crossing, once the roundabout is constructed.”

The people commuting from Mohali to Chandigarh complain that in the absence of a traffic light system, heavy jam is encountered at the light point round the clock.

The construction work has disrupted the traffic light system along with the Smart City CCTV cameras installed on the top of the light points from four sides. At present, traffic flow is being regulated manually resulting in long queues of jammed vehicles during peak hours. Sources said the construction work is progressing at a slow pace and merely a handful traffic police personnel were deputed there for controlling the traffic.

First published on: 02-12-2022 at 07:41 IST
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