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UT Admn to construct 5 houses for judges, 100 for govt staff on 3 acres

Cheap houses were demolished on the plot around three years ago.

The site in Sector 10 where houses were demolished.
The site in Sector 10 where houses were demolished. (Source: Express photo by Jaipal Singh)

The Chandigarh  Administration is set to construct five houses for judges and about 100 houses for government employees on a three-acre piece of land in Sector 10 where cheap houses were demolished around three years ago.

This is the first such venture by the Chandigarh Administration where new government houses are being constructed after demolition of cheap houses.

Cheap houses, located in various sectors, are the lowest category of government houses in the city. According to the draft Master Plan, there is a need for a structural audit of cheap houses in all sectors, as these are among the buildings that have been identified as unsafe.

In 2010, a decision was taken for demolition of cheap houses in Sector 10. Thereafter, there was a demand from the judiciary that 10 houses for judges should be built at the site.


After much deliberation and the intervention of the Punjab Governor and Chandigarh Administrator Shivraj V Patil, it was decided that five houses for judges would be built.

Apart from this, around 100 houses for government employees would also be constructed.

These would be three-storey type 2 (new) and type 5 (new) houses which will be allotted on the basis of seniority. The houses will have rain water harvesting systems as well as solar power generation systems installed. In fact, these facilities are now being provided in most projects of the UT Administration.

An official said that there is a demand for houses by government employees serving in Chandigarh.

“The plans for constructing new houses in Sector 10 are ready. The work is likely to start in the coming months,” he said.
There are a total of 13,000 government houses in the city of which around 350 are not in a habitable condition. Some of these have become dens of anti-social elements. Since some of the government houses were constructed more than five decades back, these need renovation. In recent years, about  8,000 houses have undergone renovation.