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Lawrence School’s headmaster Himmat Singh Dhillon: ‘We are on an upward trajectory’:

The headmaster also said that a lot of projects are on and many innovations are taking place

The headmaster said that this is the fourth school he is leading across three countries (Representational image)

Lawrence School, Sanawar is adequately poised to deal with the challenges of the future with confidence in its students and alumni, says Headmaster Himmat Singh Dhillon.

How has the Lawrence School evolved in all these years?

To give an example, Covid was a mixed bag. Of course it was a bane but because of it our IT, our AI, and our computing is stronger than ever. I am speaking from experience because this is the fourth school I am leading across three countries. I know the level of technology, the level of expertise in teachers and in students as well as institutions. For example, we now have a data pipe coming in. We do not need to worry about kbps, mbps, 150 mbps is guaranteed. The whole school, 139 acres, is wi-fi enabled. Every office, every home has internet and so we are in a good position. Over the years we are in the top 10 schools of the country and soon we may well be ranked the topmost. We have moved much ahead and the reason is the confidence of the stakeholders. It is lovely environment.

What is the legacy that you carry forward?

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The legacy is that it is all a result of how hard a team works. I don’t rest on laurels, I am very hungry. That is why I have left my country twice. I have taught at the Doon School for 13 years. I have worked in Indonesia and middle east. This is my school, this is seva.

How do you see your school in few years time?

Going up. We are on a trajectory which is upwards. A lot of projects are on. Many innovations are taking place, we want the kids to be more creative. We are not just a CBSE school. 175 years of lineage is being taken forward. Our old boys and old girls are very supportive. Many of them will be here for celebrations.

How has the quality of students evolved over the years at Sanawar?


I can speak for now. For example, in Doon School, the catchment area is Saharanpur, Meerut, Delhi etc. Our catchment usually was Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh and till around Gurgaon. Now we see it changing. Now we have kids from the US. Just this year, two kids have come from the US… Kids from Nepal, from middle east, from England… I think it is becoming more cosmopolitan like it was in the old days.

Boarding schools in India are mostly a British legacy. How do you see Sanawar in the day and age of Atmanirbhar Bharat and focus on indigenous methods of education?

That is a lovely question. The legacy is British but we have evolved. You see, when you talk about Second Lieutenant Khetarpal (Param Vir Chakra awardee, 1971 war) or you talk about 1971 war, you talk about 19 Generals that I personally know and who visit us, the legacy issues are a thing of the past. History is everywhere and we respect it because we build on that. For example we have thrice got the King’s Colours but we do not use them now. We salute the national flag. We respect the national flag. The legacy is colonial but we have evolved in a free India. That legacy has transformed into service for free India. We started as a charitable organisation, as a place for orphans. Today when I counted, there are 400 or 500 children who have got a scholarship of some sort in last two years. More than Rs 10 crore has gone back to the parents as a rebate of fees.

First published on: 02-10-2022 at 06:56:22 am
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